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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

by Fedule

Part 105: Infirmary

VLR OST: [Portentousness]

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

You're late. What were you doing?


When we arrived everyone else was already back.

Quark and Alice hadn't left, of course.

They were both sleeping soundly, any traces of the madness we'd seen earlier long gone.

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

You've seen the bomb in the control room?

Yeah, with our own eyes.

So what the hell should we do?
That makes three bombs...

They're bombs for God's sake.


Remember what Alice said?

If you enter that password, the device should, well, deactivate.

You see it? Right here, there's a port.
If we can find the password input device, we just connect it here.
Then we can enter the password.

Whoa whoa, hold on a second.
That's great and all, but we need that password input device she was talking about.

Without that, we're still boned even if we did have the password.

Not a problem. We've resolved that issue.


Show them.

I nodded, and pulled it out of my pocket.

We didn't have any idea what it was at first, but Phi figured it out.
After Clover left, we tested it.

Turned out I was right. It fit perfectly.

Couldn't get it to do anything, though.
We plugged in a couple random characters, but all we got was an error.

But... why was it in the control room?

Do you think Zero Sr. put it here for us?

That would suggest it was also Zero Sr. who set up the bombs.

Zero Sr. wants us to play the Nonary Game, right?
So why would he set bombs?

That doesn't make any sense.
Our bracelets already have poison in them.
If someone breaks a rule, all he has to do is activate their bracelet.

Yeah... You're right.





[Music fades out]

The person who set these bombs is one of us.

999 OST: [Trepidation]

Whether or not that person is also Zero Sr. isn't particularly relevant at the moment.
But what is relevant is that they know the deactivation password.
If we can figure out who that person is, and question them...

...We can get the password and turn the bombs off.

That would by my quick and easy method.


Which one of you set the bombs?

So we're going to be checking everyone.

Checking us...?

Once they're set, the bombs are controlled by a remote.
It stands to reason that whoever set them has that remote.

So you're going to search us for it?



No buts.
If you refuse, that implicates you.
Do what I say, and you'll be fine, assuming you are actually innocent.


No reason to wait. Let's get started.
Anyone want to volunteer to go first? No?
All right. Let's see...


You only need to search one person.

What? Why?

I... I know who did it.

The words were out of my mouth before I'd even realized I was saying them.

There's no way...


I met Phi's gaze and nodded, then turned away.

That person...

You did it!

Lock no. 09
Who planted the bomb?

Oh, you. Did you really think it would be that easy?

Well, we're officially in business now. The game has finally come out and admitted that all this jumping around timelines stuff is actually part of the plot, and acknowledged some of the craziness we've seen (especially Alice cheating at the AB Game back in round 1). They've basically made a game out of the idea of 999's Coffin Ending, except instead of some other person seeing all of these timelines and communicating with someone in one of them, we're actually jumping back and forth between them ourselves.

In case anyone's wondering, I estimate we're now over halfway - timewise, anyway - through all the game's content.

As you can see, we've busted through one Lock and gone straight on to another.

So... what now?

It's been a while (sorry) so I imagine this primer will be even more welcome than it usually is:

cd ~/magenta/ally/green/betray
Betray Luna after escaping the Gaulem Bay

cd ~/magenta/ally/red
After successfully allying with Luna, go through the Red door with Alice and Clover

cd ~/magenta/ally/blue
After successfully allying with Luna, go through the Blue door with Alice and K

cd ~/magenta/betray
Betray Luna after escaping the Lounge

cd ~/yellow/ally/green
After being betrayed by Tenmyouji, go through the Green door with Clover and Quark

cd ~/yellow/ally/blue
After being betrayed by Tenmyouji, go through the Blue door with Clover and Tenmyouji

cd ~/yellow/betray
Betray Tenmyouji after escaping the Infirmary

cd ~/cyan/betray/blue
After successfully betraying Alice, reject Alice's suggestion and insist on taking the Blue door with Luna and Alice

cd ~/cyan/betray/green
After successfully betraying Alice, reject Alice's suggestion and insist on taking the Green door with Luna and Clover