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by Fedule

Part 108: NGAE: ~/magenta/ally/green/betray sigma\$ cd ~/magenta/betray

Please disregard the fact that the title graphic is extremely wrong. I am so very tired right now and I will fix it later.

Since we had such a good time betraying Luna the second... I mean, first... I mean... you know what I mean... time around, we've opted to do it a first... I mean second... I mean... ah, damn it all.

Going back to Round 1 on the Magenta branch and betraying Luna was the runaway poll winner at 126 votes, with the closest option behind being doing the same to Tenmyouji in the Yellow branch, with 47 votes.

Sounds good.

Uh huh.

Worth reminding: This is the branch on which Phi mysteriously knows ahead of time that you die at 0 BP.

Well, we don't want to die, now, do we?

999 OST: [Imaginary]

Tenmyouji was left behind, his footsteps a slow, heavy plod.

What had happened to make him like that?

If our BP hits 0, do we really--

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Well, you chose "betray" because of what I said, right?


Don't worry. You made the right choice.

You better not have lied to me so I'd choose "betray".

Well, Zero will tell you if I lied or not.


We're about to announce the results!


You'll see in a minute. Let's go, Sigma.

Hey! What do you mean, Zero's gonna tell me?
Hey! Phi! Hold on!

And so we move on to...