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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

by Fedule

Part 11: Infirmary

999 OST: [Trepidation]

Y-yeah, right!

We found someone! There's a... a lady over here!
She's unconscious!

She's covered in blood.

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

What the hell were you yelling--!
What's going on here?!

Is she..

Quark! Don't look!
Somebody get Quark out of here!

C-C'mon Quark!

Then... she's...

Yeah.. she's not breathing, and I can't find a pulse.
Her body's already cold, so I'm guessing she was.. I'm guessing she was murdered a while ago.


Don't see a weapon around here, though.
That means either the killer took it with them, or... it was part of them.

Part of them...?

What are you suggesting?

It's just a joke. Don't take it so seriously.


Whatever. If we examine the wound we'll probably get a better idea of what the weapon was.
Let's get her to the infirmary.
She might be old, but she's still a woman. If we're going to do an autopsy, she should have some privacy.
Come on boys, let's go.

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Maybe she didn't suffer much when she died.

Let's hope so...

You mean like an autopsy or something?

I'm just going to have a look at the wound. If we had a coroner, then it'd be a different story, but...



You're a nurse?


You're a doctor?

Well... I'm not exactly a coroner...

Interesting. I guess you really can't judge a book by its cover, can you?

You don't need to apologize...

Oh, um... I won't really be doing it...

It's called an ADAM.
It uses nuclear magnetic resonance imaging to examine and diagnose people.

Ah, yes. I remember.

Oh yeah? And just how the hell do you remember that?!

Because Alice, Clover and I examined this entire room.

So you think you can use it to perform some kind of autopsy?

Yes. I think I should be able to manage that.

Huh... Yeah, I don't really get it.
What's it mean by "instrument"? Was she stabbed with a clarinet or something?

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

It means a tool of some sort. A knife, probably.

In other words, she was stabbed in the heart, right?


Sorry, but no.


I told you that was a joke.

Then why am I still a suspect?

Before we went in there, only two other people had been in that room...
You and Clover.
Only one of you was conscious.

I assure you, there was no one else in that room besides Clover when I woke up.
She must have been put there later.

But the door was locked, right?
I don't think anyone could've gotten in without the key...

Perhaps, but...

Yes, there was...
But Zero said he'd locked all the hatches.

Well, if he was telling the truth, nobody could have gotten in there after you two left...
Which means...

Why'd you kill her, K!?
I knew it! You're him, aren't you! You're the real Zero!

Wait a minute, please. Just calm down.
You aren't making sense.
Let's suppose I am Zero. Why would I do something that would obviously cast suspicion on me?

Uh... well... because... Because you figured we'd think that!
And you would throw us off the trail by doing the exact opposite!

That's not a logical argument.

Your argument doesn't confirm my guilt... but it does show us where we should be looking: the real Zero.

The person who brought us here is likely the person who murdered that woman.
Doesn't that seem like the most reasonable answer?

If Zero was the murderer, then they could open anything they wanted to.
I mean, didn't Zero say something about that?

Also, consider this: if the murderer isn't Zero...
...Why would the AI Zero stay silent?
He told us that his job was to make sure the game ran smoothly.
But now the unexpected has happened, and he says nothing.

Why would he do that?
If he can see everything we do...
Then he must know who killed the old woman.


He likely ordered Zero Jr., the AI, to keep his identity hidden.
If Zero Jr. told us about the murder, then Zero Sr.'s identity would be compromised.
There is something else to consider as well...

Zero Sr. murdered her.
Just as planned. Death is only another part of the game.

Killing someone is just part of a game to him...?

[Music fades out]

Ten minutes remain until Ambidex Game polling closes.
All players please enter your votes.

Whoa, what was that?

Well, one thing's for sure.

And that is..?

If we don't go "vote", something bad's going to happen.

Zero Jr. ensures the game continues, even though someone has died.
All of this is part of Zero Sr.'s plan.


Let's get back to the warehouse.
If we all head to the AB Rooms, maybe we'll see Zero Jr.
After all, he told us he'd give us specifics once we'd gone in.

VLR OST: [Placidity]

I mean, there was a dead lady in there just a few minutes ago...
Huh? Wait... Phi? Where'd you go?


What the hell is she doing...?

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Seriously? That's the best you can do?
I was expecting something about how I jump at the first sign of trouble...

Whatever. What're you up to up here anyway?
Everyone's already gone into the AB Rooms.

Yeah, well, there was something up here I wanted to check out.

And that is...?

This thing. Remember it?

Try opening it.

...No luck. It won't budge.

Hmm... Then that means this AB Room is locked down tight. No one could get in.

You're thinking about whoever killed that old lady, aren't you?


You still think it's K, huh.
Well, like Clover said...

I know. I just wanted to be sure.


VLR OST: [Ambidexterity]

Yeah, you're right...