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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

by Fedule

Part 116: Number Nine Door

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Is that a hallway?

Only one way to find out!

VLR OST: [Anxiousness]


Listen in: [English/Japanese]

This must be the prep room...

I think I searched this place with Dio and Luna...

Well, this is probably just another one that looks like it.
You really think you would have been able to get to something on the other side of the number nine door?

Hold up. You know about the one on floor B too?

Yeah. I visited it with Tenmyouji when we were looking for Quark.



Oh, you didn't.

What are you talking about?

Didn't I just say what I'm talking about?
The air inside this facility is kept at a higher pressure than the air outside.
Apparently, they're doing it to keep the virus from getting in.
If you're leaving, you have to lower the pressure until it matches what's outside.
This room is where you prepare for all of that.

They keep you from getting infected once you're outside.
You have to put one on before you can go into the pressure exchange chamber downstairs.

How do you know all that...?

Luna told me.

Wait, why did Luna know all that?

Apparently it was all in a manual she found in a room we searched.


Well... I wouldn't say it's mysterious.
I think it's that Radical-6 thing Alice was talking about. Don't quote me on that though.

That sounds... bad...

[Music fades out]

Let's get those suits on and head outside.

No argument here. Let's do it.

We climbed into the protective suits in silence, then headed down to the pressure exchange chamber.

999 OST: [Riddle and Puzzle]

Then,out of nowhere, Dio spoke up.

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

I never thought I'd succeed so easily.

It took me a moment to realize his voice was coming from the speaker in my helmet. Apparently the radio was designed to activate automatically.

You mean getting out of here?

No, you're thinking too small.
Hmm... I guess I can tell you who I really am.


You see, the thing is... I'm a hero.
I was sent here from far away to save mankind.



What? Too surprised to speak?

Uh, Dio... I think maybe you should... calm down a bit.

We're all excited to be getting out of here, but...

Never mind. You're clearly too small-minded to understand.

We were still going back and forth when the quiet hiss of air escaping slowed...

...and stopped.

A door at the end of the room slowly ground open.

We walked through to find ourselves in a nearly identical room.
After two more decompressions, the last door finally opened.

[Music fades out]