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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

by Fedule

Part 123: NGAE: ~/ sigma\$ cd yellow/betray

By a respectable majority of just over double the number of votes of the next most popular option, we have elected to go back to the Yellow path and betray Tenmyouji.

As of this jump we have now filled in the flowchart to a depth of three!

We rejoin Sigma as he handily defeats Phi in a game of Rock Paper Scissors at which, in retrospect, he almost certainly cheated spectacularly.

As Phi and I stepped out of the AB Room, I could see the others running toward the projection, shoving and pushing to get closer.

Tenmyouji was left behind, his footsteps a slow, heavy plod.
What had happened to make him like that?

999 OST: [Imaginary]

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

That's messed up.

What?! You said I should!

Hey, I didn't say that.
I just asked you a question:
What would happen to our BP if Tenmyouji chose to betray us?

It was a leading question!


Ooooh. I get it.
I was wondering why you were so happy to let me choose after you lost in rock-paper-scissors.
You were planning to use me as a scapegoat all along.

Was I?


Yo! Wasssuuuuuuup! Siggyyyyyyyyy! Phidooooo! Hey! What're you kids doing over there?
We're about to announce the results!


Anyway, we need to go have a look at the results first.

H-Hey! Wait!

FunTragicfact: This will be the last time we hear Zero III's "Siggyyy!" line, since we won't be retuning to this depth on the chart again.

And so we proceed to...

Cheated. Spectacularly.