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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

by Fedule

Part 129: NGAE: ~/yellow/betray/green sigma\$ cd _

VLR OST: [Sinisterness]

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

What do you mean the cold sleep function doesn't work?!

I-I'm sorry...

You don't have anything to apologize for, Luna.
Zero Sr. must have just locked it down.

But when Clover and I were here it worked...

Yeah, I remember checking it.

Then that bastard set this up.
That's low...

We have seen how thorough Zero is. Would he really have left such an obvious loophole?

Maybe I shouldn't have said anything.
If Zero Jr. heard me, he could have shut it off...

Whatever the case, it is an unfortunate outcome...

Unfortunate? Really? You sure?
Aren't you just a little bit relieved?
After all, we were going to get our bracelets off while you were stuck with yours.

How could you say that? I would never be so petty as—

Before K could finish, the announcer's voice echoed through the facility.

All players please enter your votes.
If no vote is recorded before the deadline has passed, any non-voting parties will automatically ally.

Are you nuts, old man?!

Luna and Phi could kill you!

Yeah, I know I've only got 1 BP.

If you don't vote, you'll default to "ally."
All they have to do is pick "betray"...

We won't. You staying here won't change our vote.

Right. We always intended to choose "ally." Tenmyouji staying here is just another reason for us to stick to that plan.

Luna has the same number of BP as you, Tenmyouji.
Normally the safe plan would be to choose "betray."
Since you will be unable to betray them, then Phi and Luna can choose to ally without worrying about their own points.


Well, there you go.
I trust Phi and Luna. I'm sure they'll choose "ally."


Okay then Tenmyouji, you take care of Quark.

You think I need you to tell me that? I won't take my eyes off of him for a minute.

[Music fades out]

Come on! We don't have much time left!
We need to go!

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Four minutes remain until Ambidex Game polling closes.


VLR OST: [Ambidexterity]

Yeah. You told me we should betray Quark since we might not get another chance like this.



I changed my mind a little bit after talking to Tenmyouji.
I think we should choose "ally."

Hey, that's more than just a little bit.
That's like someone trading in a Shih Tzu for a German Shepherd!


What the hell happened with you two?
Did he say something to you?


What?! Why!?

I just can't. You'd laugh if I did anyway.

I won't laugh.



Hey, come on...

I promised.
I told Tenmyouji I wouldn't tell anybody.


I won't ask about it again.
But Tenmyouji doesn't really have anything to do with this, right? Our opponent is Quark.

No, he does matter.
Quark is really important to Tenmyouji.
If we betray Quark, we're betraying Tenmyouji...


Come on, don't you remember?
When we were going into the red, blue, and green doors, Tenmyouji said something.

I just know that you'll keep him safe.

You seemed pretty ready to betray him back on floor B.

That's because I didn't know who he was...

Oh ho... So you're saying you know who Tenmyouji really is?

Well, if what he told me was true...yeah.


Please. Choose "ally."

You aren't going to try and vote yourself?

If I try, you'll just throw me off, right?
I don't think I'm strong enough to fight you. So...



All right.

With that, I turned to face the voting machine.

The question was...what would I do? "Ally"? Or "betray"?

Just as Clover had said, betraying Quark was like betraying Tenmyouji. That wasn't even taking into consideration that Quark was just a kid... ...And he was infected with a deadly disease that would almost certainly kill him if we didn't do something. How could I betray someone like that? Only a monster would take advantage of a helpless child for their own gain.

On the other hand, what Clover had said in the warehouse on floor B was true... It was unlikely that I'd get a chance like this again. If I chose "betray," then I'd have 9 BP.

I would be able to escape this Godforsaken hellhole.

Ten seconds remain until Ambidex Game polling closes.

So what would my choice be? What would I do? "Ally"? Or "betray"? I chose—

Three... Two... One...

So on the one hand we've got basic compassion. On the other hand, we could backstab Clover, Tenmyouji and Quark all at once, and win the game to boot. What to do. What. To. Do.