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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

by Fedule

Part 13: NGAE: ~/magenta sigma\$ cd ally

The votes were overwhelmingly in favour of Allying with Luna: 82% of 337 respondants voted to Ally.

And hey, if a whole bunch of people all think about Allying at the same time...

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Results will be displayed in the warehouse.
Thank you for your participation.
Ambidex Gates now opening.

999 OST: [Imaginary]

Tenmyouji was left behind, his footsteps a slow, heavy plod.
What had happened to make him like that?

Listen in: [English/Japanese]


You chose "ally".
Didn't you hear me? I told you that if your BP drops to 0, you die.

Yeah, I heard you. A whole second before the deadline.
How can you expect me to think anything through that quick?
It would've taken, like, half a second just to process what you'd said.

No. You could've done it.


It starts working so fast that a second can seem like an eternity.
Your brain was doing that right before time ran out, wasn't it?
Well? Am I wrong?

Wh-What the hell are you talking about?
...Okay, fine. Let's be generous and say, hypothetically, that you're right about this whole crisis overclocking thing.
How would you know whether or not my brain was doing that?
Did you crack open my brain when I wasn't looking?
You just wedge a microscope in there and have a look at my neurons?


I mean, you "just know" stuff you shouldn't.
Stuff like my name, or how if your BP hits 0 you die.
You told me you don't know why, but...
More and more I'm starting to think you've been lying to me...


Listen in or miss out: [English/Japanese]

What're you kids doing over there!

We're about to announce the results!

Time to see what the results are.

...Huh? "This time"...?


Let's get ready to rock!

[Music fades out]

The results!
If everybunny would please direct their eyes to this monitor...