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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

by Fedule

Part 140: NGAE: ~/cyan/betray/red/ally sigma\$ cd ~/yellow/ally/blue

We're jumping back to the Yellow branch with Clover this time; teaming up with Tenmyouji won the vote with the backing of 30% of 155 respondents.

We're going to ignore them though. I'm done letting you people run my LP.

VLR OST: [Strain]

So, Option C, I guess.

Listen in: [English/Japanese]


I don't think so.
Were you even listening?

That means Option C is out of the question.

I agree. Option C is a no-go.
You'll have to kill me before I'll go anywhere with Dio.


That was that, then. I might have been able to argue down one person, but two... Besides, there was no way I'd be able to overpower K, grab Quark, and force Clover through the green door.

If you guys are that determined, I'll pick another door.

I had two choices:
The blue door...
Or the red door.

Okay, fine.

It has become increasingly apparent that you guys aren't going to fall for this, so I'm going to stop pretending that all three doors are always an option in these choices. Every path that offers you a choice at all has an option that the others will refuse, forcing you to choose between the two
real options. So I'm going to clean up the poll a little, and instead I'm going to show the "fake" options as we pass them.

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Me? But...I picked "betray" last time.

Exactly. So I'll just make you pick "ally" this time.
Well, I guess I should say you won't have a choice.

Is that so? Mind telling me how you'll do that?

Heh. I'd love to, but we don't really have time. Ask me again later, okay?

Fine. You're on.

That means Luna, Dio and I will go through the green door.

Which leaves the red door for Quark, K, and me.

Any objections?


Good. Let's go.

Take care of Quark, all right?

You needn't worry.

I'll watch out for him.

Ten seconds remain until Chromatic Doors close.

Hurry up, guys! The door's closing!


I'm going, I'm going!

With only seconds to spare, we dashed through the blue door.

[Music fades out]

Chromatic Doors closing...

VLR OST: [Placidity]

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

That seems like kind of a silly question.
I mean, they're all locked, aren't they? How can we go through any of them if they're locked?

Well, this thing here's got a lever on it. Maybe that does something...

Why don't you pull it and find out?


But only one. Why's that?

They're probably telling us we should go that way.

Might as well, then.

[Music fades out]

VLR OST: [Sinisterness]

Nothing... Locked tight. Won't even budge.

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

The door said "PEC."
Guessing it's not for working out, though.

It looks like it's probably an acronym or abbreviation or something, but...for what? "Prepared Emergency Chocolate"? "Private Ecclesiastical Commode"?

Oh, wait a sec...
There's a manual here...
I think it explains what this room is for...

What's it say?

Hold on...

"Airborne viral contagions—"


Quiet. Keep reading, Clover.


..."Airborne viral contagions have necessitated this step, which is intended to prevent contamination of the installation."
"All persons wishing to exit the facility must do so through this pressure exchange chamber. Once the chamber has been sealed, the pressure can be lowered to match the surrounding environment."

"Before the PEC can be depressurized, all occupants must be wearing Level A hazmat suits to prevent infection."
"The PEC will not function unless all occupants are wearing appropriate protective equipment."


Are they trying to say the air out there's full of some horrible virus!?

I don't think it's just any virus...

It has to be Radical-6.

Oh man... Then that newspaper article was true.

Several long moments of silence crawled past.
The three of us just stared at one another, our minds working to make sense of this new information.

Eventually, Clover shuffled to one of the lockers and opened it.

Yeah, I figure they are.

We won't be able to get into the pressure exchange thing unless we've got those on, then.

And getting that room to decompress is the only way we'll get outside.

So where is the actual decompression room?

Oh, yeah...

We're on the lower floor right now. Earlier we were on the upper one.

Won't open, huh?


Okay, it's probably pointless, but humor me on this...
Let's go put on those suits, come back here, and try the door again.
Maybe, just maybe...we can get out.

Well, it does seem like that's how this thing is supposed to work...
But do you really think it'll be that easy?

It's hard to believe Zero Sr. would make that big of a mistake...

Well, let's have a look around anyway.
Maybe we'll find something about that virus.

Yeah, good idea.

What're we standing around for, then? Get to it.