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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

by Fedule

Part 146: [continued]

Please check your bracelet to see your updated Bracelet Points.

VLR OST: [Placidity]

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Well, it seems like I made the right choice.

Only did what I said I would.

You really helped me out. Thanks.

I could say the same thing. No need for thanks.

The corner of his mouth twitched into a grin.
I felt myself smile a little in response.

Clover, on the other hand, looked less than pleased.

And after I'd told you I'd listen to anything you said...


Ah well. Whatever.

She sighed heavily, shot me one last annoyed look, and stalked off.

Across the room, Dio and Phi were already confronting one another over their own results.

Can't say I'm surprised.

Oh don't give me that. You knew exactly what I was doing. I knew you weren't stupid enough to pick "ally."
You'd defend yourself with "betray," just like I would...

Wait... Where's Luna?

In the infirmary, looking after Quark.

Is that where Alice went too?

Alice? No, she went into one of the AB Rooms with K...

When the doors opened, however, she left—somewhat unsteadily—in the direction of the cyan door.

She left the warehouse?


Without even checking the results?

There was little reason to check them.

Yeah. It's not like Quark was going to betray you.


And you two still choose "ally"?

Man... What a pair of bleeding hearts.

If you say so.
Being mocked for my compassion is a small price to pay for retaining my humanity.

While we were in the AB Room, she mentioned being quite tired.
Perhaps she went to one of the cabins to rest?

Oh. Well, I guess that would make sense...

[Music fades out]

An ominous rumble filled the warehouse.

The Ambidex Gates have closed.
Round three of the Ambidex Game will be the Star Round.
Star keys are required to open the gates.
There is no set limit on usage of the star keys.
The Ambidex Gates can be opened as many times as the players wish to open them.

999 OST: [Imaginary]

That means the star keys can be used to play the AB Game any number of times.
If I understood that announcement correctly, that is.


Hey, didn't Zero Jr. say something about this?

The pair and solo assignments hop around a bit too.

Yeah, he did.
Can you guys all show me your bracelets?
I want to see what all our colors and groups are this time.

Within moments a series of wrists were extended for me to examine.

Huh? It looks like all the colors are...weird.
Clover's a cyan pair, and Phi's a magenta pair, but...Tenmyouji's a yellow pair.

The three solos are red, green, and blue.
K's red, Dio's green, and you're blue.

Then how are we supposed to group up for the Chromatic Doors?
I think they're gonna be white this time...

Ah yes, Dio told me about them. Very interesting.

Yeah. They're white, all of 'em.
I had a good look while I was waiting for Sigma to show up down in the warehouse.

You should have seen them then too, Phi.

Yeah, I did.
You're talking about the doors in the floor B warehouse, right?

Yeah. So, lay it on us. How are the groups going to shake out this time?

Phi nodded and began to explain.

...Huh? Wait, you mean there's only one option?

Yeah. There's no other way we can group up to make white.
Alice, Luna, and Quark aren't here to show us their bracelets, so we don't know for sure what their colors are.
But it's pretty clear they'll all be pairs, since none of the pairs here have a partner.

So they'll be yellow, magenta, and cyan, right?


We've got plenty of time until those white doors open.

Of course. I'll come with you, then.

Clover gave her a shrug, and the two of them headed out through the cyan door.

The infirmary, right? You're going to go check on Quark.


He gave me a nod, and trotted out through the yellow door.

That left only three of us: Dio, K, and myself.

Hmm... Yeah... I think I'm gonna head over to the lounge and have a drink.
You wanna tag along, K?

Are you making fun of me?
I find it rather hard to drink with this mask on.

Oh, right, of course. My bad.


Well, I'm out. Later!

With a lazy wave of his hand, Dio slouched off toward the magenta door.
It took me a moment to realize K was following him.

Hey, what is this? You following me?

No, you must be mistaken.
I hope to investigate floor B further.
There are still several rooms I haven't visited.

Okay, okay, you don't have to tell me your life story. See ya.

Their conversation ended as they reached the door and stepped through it.

[Music fades out]

All right... What should I do?

...Of course!
I need to get the rest of that story out of Tenmyouji!

The words were scarcely out of my mouth before I set off at a dead run down the hallway and toward the infirmary.