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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

by Fedule

Part 149: [continued]

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Yeah, I just woke up.
Hey... Where's everybody else...?

Oh God...Quark...

VLR OST: [Confession]

Tenmyouji's entire body shook with emotion as he drew closer to him.

He cautiously laid a trembling hand on the boy's shoulder, almost as if he were afraid Quark would disappear in a puff of smoke the moment he was touched.

When Quark proved to indeed be corporeal, Tenmyouji let out a cry and threw his arms around him.

I-It's nothing... Nothing's wrong, I'm...
I'm fine...


Quark gave him a puzzled look.
Tenmyouji didn't even notice. His face was a mixture of happiness and relief, and I could see tears twinkling from the wrinkled corners of his eyes.
All traces of his usual gruff stoicism had vanished.
I didn't want to interrupt such a happy reunion, but we were running out of time.

Still, Tenmyouji deserved a few minutes. I left them alone.

At last Tenmyouji seemed to recover, and shifted from an embrace to a protective arm around the shoulder.

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Feeling? Well, okay, I guess.
Was I sick or something?

No, no you're not sick.
If you feel fine, then you're fine.


I'm sorry...
I should never have gotten you involved in all this...

What are you apologizing for?


You're doing it again.
Are you sure you're okay?


So...where's everybody else?
Mr. Sigma's here, but he's just been standing there looking kinda silly...

I gave him a nervous smile and explained about the white doors.
I got the feeling Tenmyouji didn't want Quark to know about Radical-6, so I avoided any mention of it.
Alice's death was something I also left for later...

Okay, that makes sense...
That's means I'm on a team with you guys, right?


So, um, these white doors...when are they going to open?

Aah! That's not good!

We need to hurry! C'mon!
How do we get to the floor B warehouse?!

Okay, okay, we're going.

Follow me!

VLR OST: [Demise]

Five minutes remain until Chromatic Doors close.

Listen in: [English/Japanese]


You're awake!

And fully recovered, apparently.

I am also relieved to see you well again.

Me too...

What are you talking about?

I looked out at the others from behind Quark and held a warning finger up to my lips.
There were a few momentarily raised eyebrows and some nervous coughing as everyone suddenly fell silent.


From Quark's perspective, it must have seemed especially odd.

We need to hurry!

But there are three doors...

Which team goes in which door?

All of the doors are identical for this round.
I believe it doesn't matter which team uses which door.

Why that one?

You want a kill-shot, you aim for the center.
You're more likely to just miss the extremities.

That logic is flawed and more than slightly disturbing.
Unfortunately, I don't really have a counterargument, so center door it is.

I suppose we could go with the one on the left...
Is that okay? I mean, we could go with the other one if you want...

K and Clover only nodded.

The door on the right.

Any objections?


All right, let's move!

Thirty seconds remain until Chromatic Doors close.

Hurry it up, Phi! This thing's gonna close!

I know!

It's time we were going as well!



Come on guys, there's no time to waste!

Right behind you.

Let's go!

Chromatic Doors closing...

[Music fades out]

VLR OST: [Sinisterness]

What's this place?

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Probably the office of whoever it is that's running this place.

It said "Director's Office" on the door.

Or maybe not.

Well which is it?

Why the hell would I know?

If this really is Zero Sr.'s room, there might be some clues!

Yeah, you got a point.
Let's get started, then.