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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

by Fedule

Part 157: [continued]

VLR OST: [Eeriness]

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Quark had nothing to do with it.
I entered the vote.

So why'd you choose "betray"?

Couldn't I ask you the same thing?


I don't think really this is the time for a fight, though.


Look. Clover's over by the door.

[Music fades out]


VLR OST: [Demise]

Ah...the number nine door...

Fuck! She opened it!



Clover, wait!

I'm going to call the others.


I'll get justice for Alice...

Justice...? Wait, do you mean—

The number nine door has been opened.
It will remain open for 9 seconds.


Please Clover, wait!

Like hell I'm gonna just let you walk out of here!

Dio leapt at Clover, his fists raised— Clover easily avoided him and moved toward the door.


I caught one last glimpse of her face as she slid through the door. It was a mask of ice.

The number nine door has closed.
This ends the Nonary Game.
Thank you for your participation.
As the game is over, all doors other than the number nine door have been unlocked.
Escape is not possible.
Please enjoy your stay.


Worth it.

Second vote; same as the first! Ish.

cd ~/magenta/ally/blue
After successfully allying with Luna, go through the Blue door with Alice and K

cd ../../betray
After escaping the PEC, accept Clover's request and betray Tenmyouji

cd ~/cyan/betray/green
After successfully betraying Alice, reject Alice's suggestion and insist on taking the Green door with Luna and Clover