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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

by Fedule

Part 18: NGAE: ~/magenta/ally sigma\$ cd _

VLR OST: [Strain]

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Chromatic Doors have opened.
Five minutes remain until Chromatic Doors close.

What the hell were you doing?!


That's not good enough! You realize we could die here, right?!

H-Hey... Whoa, calm down there, girl. I made it in time.

Barely! We've only got five minutes left!
You're a yellow pair! Who do you think your partner is?!

Gee. I wonder...

Urgh... You son of a--

Fighting now helps no one.

He's right, you know. The doors have already opened.
We need to hurry up and figure out our teams.

Guh... What'd I do to deserve this asshole?

We're almost out of time. I'll just explain it as fast as I can.

Just like before, there are only three possible combinations.

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

So what are we doing?

I'm not pairing up with K.

Oh? Why not?

We'd end up playing against eachother in the next AB Game.
Last time, you betrayed Clover.

How'm I supposed to know you won't do the same to me?
You can't be trusted.

How unfortunate.
To be honest, however, I would rather not go with you either.

Yeah? Why's that?

I very much doubt you'll choose to ally in the next round.

Even if you promised me you would choose to ally, I'd be in an undesirable situation.
You see, I wouldn't be able to choose to betray.
If I did, and you were true to your word and allied, then...
I would... kill you.


Of course, for the same reason, I would rather not be paired with Alice.

Sigma and I will be taking Clover.
I trust her more than any of the rest of you.

I want to go with Alice too.

H-Hey! Wait a minute!
Don't I get a say in this?

They chose "ally" last time.

I'm Phi's partner. You should pair up with us.
Sound good?


I am also opposed to that choice.

We'll be stuck with Phi's Option C.

I believe I mentioned before that I do not wish to be paired with Tenmyouji.

And I don't want to go with K either.

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

One minute remains until Chromatic Doors close.


Wh-What's wrong, Quark?

It's all over... This is it.
We're all going to die...

999 OST: [Trepidation]

Are you all right?

No... No, that's not it...
Don't you get it?
We aren't going to die...
We have to die...
We have to die here...
All of us...

Wh-What the hell...?!
Snap out of it, kid!
C'mon, Quark, talk to me!

No, I'm fine...
You're the crazy ones.
Getting so... serious... about this stupid game...
We should just stop...
End this...
End all of it...
End everything...

We need to get him to the infirmary!

No. We don't have time.

I'll carry him through.

But... we still haven't figured out who's going where.

I can't afford to be picky anymore.
Someone just choose, I don't care who.

Sigma! You have to choose!

Wh-What? Why me?

Please, just do it!
We don't have any time left!

Looks like it's Voting Time again. As before, feel free to vote for two options if you want. Or three. Don't know why you'd want to vote for three but hey.