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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

by Fedule

Part 180: NGAE: ~/cyan/betray/green sigma\$ cd ally

It went down to the wire, but at the exact moment of calling the poll, 51% of 184 respondents had elected to not bitterly disappoint Luna.

Results will be displayed in the warehouse.
Thank you for your participation.
Ambidex Gates now opening.

VLR OST: [Desperation]

Luna and I stepped out of the AB Room.
I could see the others filing out of their rooms as we did.


To be honest, the AB Game was the last thing on my mind.
As chaotic as my thoughts were, they all centered on one thing:
The mysterious white liquid.

Do you want to go see the results?


Luna nodded and walked off toward the projection, but I couldn't move.

I glanced around to make sure no one was watching, and opened my hand.

The liquid didn't seem to have clotted or run out, since it was still oozing thickly out of the slit in my hand.

What in the hell is this...

It couldn't be blood...could it?

No... That was impossible.
No matter how many white blood cells clumped together, you'd never get anything that looked like that.
And I'd never seen my blood do this before.

In twenty-two years of life, I'd seen my body bleed many times.
Scraped knees as a kid, accidental nicks with a knife as an adult...
But every single time, I'd bled red, like any other human being.
So why was it that this was white?

What the hell is happening to me...?

Get the hell over here!
They're gonna show the results!

Y-Yeah, right... On my way.

I did my best to compose myself, and headed over to join the others.

Please direct your attention to the results screen.

Please check your bracelet to see your updated Bracelet Points.

...A golden round!