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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

by Fedule

Part 181: [continued]

VLR OST: [Sublimity]

Listen in: [English/Japanese]


You did just like you promised, K!

How could I choose "betray" after what Phi said to me?

Tenmyouji and Dio voted "ally" too...

Of course.
If we hadn't Alice would've died.

Yeah, well, that's about it, I guess.

I'm happy to see you also chose "ally."

Oh, I didn't have anything to do with it.
That was all Sigma.

Then thank you very much, Sigma.




Sigma, are you all right?


O-Oh, yeah... Um...
Looks like we all allied...

Sigma... What the hell's wrong with you?

Yeah, you've been acting a little out of it ever since we came out of the AB Rooms.
What happened, you make a pass at Luna and get shot down?

No, nothing like that...

Hey man, it was a joke.
You remember what that is? A joke?
You're in pretty bad shape, huh...

[Music fades out]

Before Dio could continue, the heavy metal rumble of doors shutting echoed through the warehouse.

Round three of the Ambidex Game will be the Star Round.
Star keys are required to open the gates.
There is no set limit on usage of the star keys.
The Ambidex Gates can be opened as many times as the players wish to open them.

999 OST: [Eternitybox]

We can play the AB Game as many times as we like.


Hey, Zero Jr. said something about this, didn't he?

The pair and solo assignments hop around a bit too.


Right. Sorry to be a pain, but could you all show me your bracelets?
I want to see what all your colors and assignments are.

Everyone nodded and held their arms out toward him.
I stared at them, terrified to follow suit, but certain that refusing would only draw more suspicion.
So I held my arm out, hand tightened into a white-knuckled fist to hide the cut.
When their eyes landed on my hand, my heart skipped a beat.

So, Dio and K are a yellow pair...
Luna and I are both pairs, but our colors are different.

Right. You're a cyan, and I'm magenta.

That makes Sigma the only solo, huh...
A red solo...
So what are the four we left in the infirmary?

Luna and I are pairs, so two of them are our partners.

That means the other two are solos.
Although...I guess we don't know what colors they are.

They're probably green and blue.

Why's that?

Didn't you see them?

They have to be the next set of Chromatic Doors.

Ah, yes, Phi and I saw them as well.
On our way back from the garden with the unconscious Quark, there they were.

(the game here insists on showing us a bleep bloop map and there is no good reason why)

Each one had a box just like the doors on floor A.
Given that, I don't see how there can be any question.
Those white doors are our next set of Chromatic Doors.

The pairs are cyan, magenta, and yellow...
You see?

Yeah... If we need to make white, then the other three colors would have to be red, green, and blue.



Now that we've got that figured out, I'm heading back to the infirmary for a bit.
I want to check up on Quark and Alice.

I shall accompany you, then.

Might as well go with you, I guess.
No real reason to hang out here...

What will you two do?

About what?


Her usual pleasant expression had been replaced with something much more sullen.
She must have noticed that there was something...wrong...with me. That was what she wanted to talk about. I was sure of it.

Okay, fine...

I managed to make my voice sound almost relaxed.

What're you guys plotting?

We're not plotting anything.
I promise. It's nothing.



Hmph. Fine. Whatever.
See if I care.

Dio tossed his head with a mixture of arrogance and feigned disinterest, and marched out the yellow door.
Tenmyouji and K quickly followed.
In only moments all three had disappeared.

[Music fades out]

I was almost certain I knew, but there was always hope... I did my best to act as if I was genuinely confused.

Oh... Um...
I don't really like this room... Could we go somewhere else?


I found somewhere nice when I was looking for Alice earlier.

As strange as her request was, I had no reason to object.
I kept my mouth shut and followed Luna as she headed off.