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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

by Fedule

Part 183: [continued]

999 OST: [Chill and Rigor]

This...this is...

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

An antimatter bomb...

I'm pretty sure someone didn't move it here from the crew quarters.
In fact, I'm pretty sure it's an entirely different bomb.
Look at the number on the side.

It says "01."

And the one in the crew quarters said..."03," right?
Then, that must mean...

Shit! Then there's no question, huh?

I've got more good news.
Just think about the numbers for a moment...

You're saying there's a "02" bomb out there somewhere!

I can't be sure, but it does seem pretty likely.

That means we're dealing with a combined explosive power equal to three tons of TNT.


Was it you guys?
I mean, you've been in here quite a while...

Hey! Don't give me that!
You're way more suspicious than we are!
What were you doing in the bushes anyway?!

Well, uh... I was...taking a walk.

Taking a walk?!
You really think I'm gonna buy that?



I heard you two were off talking in secret.
So I got curious and went back to the floor A warehouse.
Of course, you weren't there.

That seemed pretty suspicious to me, so I headed here...
And just as I'd suspected, there you were, talking on the bench.
I snuck up from behind so you wouldn't notice me.

Then, just as I was getting close enough to hear...
I found the bomb.

So? Believe me now?

[Music fades out]


Honestly? It could have been any one of us.
Anybody could have come here while we were all looking for Alice...


We need to tell everyone about this, then.

Yeah, you're right. Let's head back to the infirmary.

999 OST: [Trepidation]

Everyone else was already there when we arrived.
Clover, and Tenmyouji...
K and Dio...
...And of course Alice and Quark.
Both seemed to be sleeping peacefully.
You'd never think to look at them that they'd been completely insane not so long ago.

I told them how we'd found the number one bomb in the garden.
And how, judging by the numbering on the two bombs we'd found so far, there was probably a number two bomb out there somewhere, too.

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

What are we going to do?

Well, I think Alice mentioned something...

If you enter that password, the device should, well, deactivate.

You see it? Right here. There's a port.
If we can find the password input device, we just connect it here.
Then we can enter the password.

Whoa whoa, hold on a second.
That's great and all, but we need that password input device she was talking about.
Without that, we're still boned even if we did have the password.


I beg your pardon?

You heard me.
Chances are whoever planted those bombs is in this room.
There's also a good chance they've also got the device we need to deactivate the bombs.

So you're planning to search us for it?



No buts.
If you refuse, then I'll assume it's because you've got it, and you planted the bombs.
Unless you want that, I suggest you cooperate. Clear?


Now, who's going to be first...

We segue from this into some hardcore deja vu;

Sigma blurts out that he knows who did it and, if you actually know who did it, doesn't boot you out to a plot lock.

The plot lock is completely identical to the other time we did this routine, right down to the trophy, almost; it's "Who Set Up Us The Bomb, Part 1"

It's cute that the trophies are called Part 1 and Part A.

Sigma fasttalks Dio into fessing up about the Myrmidons and planting the bombs.

Cornered, Dio threatens to explode everything. Tenmyouji has none of it.

Unfortunately, he ends up just activating the countdown.

Mostly as a taunt, Dio agrees to share one of the deactivation passwords.

999 OST: [Chill and Rigor]

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

I'll give you one, since I'm such a swell guy.
The password for bomb number two is...
E Q D - D Y R - N T K

Ah, hold on-

-I own a capacitive stylus now. You would not believe how little it helps.

By the way, I don't know why I haven't jotted the #1 password, but we have it. We've got 1-3, and zero, whatever that is.

Bomb number two...?

But we haven't found that one yet!

Oh? Ah, well, my mistake. It must have slipped my mind.
Well, there's nothing you could do anyway.
You don't have the input device.
Really, it'll be much easier if you all just give up.

Where's the input device?!

Oh gosh, I wonder...

Where did you put the number two bomb?!

Shoot, you know, ah, I just can't remember...

You son of a bitch...

Moving on?

To where?

[Music fades out]

What, I have to explain everything?
To the next world, of course.

No! Wait!

...and here things go right back to normal. Dio tries to eat a cyanide capsule or something, is stopped, and ultimately sedated, leaving everyone to worry about the bombs.

999 OST: [Trepidation]

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

About twenty minutes or so, I think.

And how much time until the white doors open?

We put in those passwords and stop the bombs.

We searched Dio, but he doesn't have anything that might be the input device.

Hm... Well, only one thing to do then.

And that is?

We split up and find it.
Unless any of you have another suggestion?

A dismal silence filled the room.
Even though no one spoke, I could see despair on every face.

Until those things actually go off, we've still got a chance.


Sigma, you come with me.
We're going to have to go look at the number three bomb.
See if the timer really has started or not.


All the rest of you, listen up.
I want you to take Alice, Quark, and Dio to the floor B warehouse.


Why there?

Just listen. Worst case scenario, we'll open the white doors and go through them to...wherever they go.

Maybe we'll get lucky.



Once we've done so, we will begin to search for the input device and the number two bomb.

Good. Thanks.

Sigma! You're with me!

Phi turned without waiting, and headed for the door.
Before I could blink she was gone.
I gave everyone else in the infirmary a quick thumbs-up and a shaky smile, then hurried after her.