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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

by Fedule

Part 189: NGAE: ~/ sigma\$ cd magenta/ally/green/ally && chmod u+rwx *

This was the very first plot lock we ran into (if you don't count that it's not strictly a plot lock) on our very first run through the game. It feels like that was, like, years ago. I believe this is the largest amount of gameplay it is possible to have between discovering a plot lock and being able to open it.

Previously on this route: uhhhhh man where do we even fucking start with this? Here's something; everybody except Sigma and Phi is dead. Alice got Radical-6 and stabbed herself because that's apparently a cosmic constant, but Clover belives Luna did it. Luna was injected with tubocuarine under suspicious circumstances; our heroes suspect Clover did it. Clover was herself killed along with Tenmyouji in the infirmary; Clover left the mysterious dying message "016" on her inner thigh, though. Quark is missing, but his bracelet was found on Temyouji, suggesting nothing good. Dio and K were found dead in the Rec Room, and it seems K thought Dio did everything. Someone, somehow has opened an AB gate - Sigma and Phi think it's Quark - but then we had to stop because Sigma
really wanted to investigate a computer in the Director's Office but didn't know the login. All throughout this route, we've teamed up with Luna and faced her in the AB Game, and she has allied every time. She openly trusts Sigma, and you, thread, evidently came to trust her too, even before we went on to see her never once pick Betray in every other game in the flowchart that we've seen.

It's a hell of a route.

We've been seeing the lion/sun motif pop up constantly in the various rooms we've escaped from;

The weird globe/prism thing in the Lounge.
The light switch in the Security Office.
The coin box in the Rec Room.
The painting in the Treatment Center.
The engraved tray in the Laboratory.
The pond in the Botanical Garden.
The plush doll in the Archives.
And of course, the wallpaper on this very PC in the Director's Office, which has two heads.

Nine in all.

That shift key is really annoying btw

VLR OST: [Desperation]

Phi... Come...come over here...

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

What's wrong?

I...I got in...

How did you figure out the login?!

I-I don't know... I just... I just knew it...

"I just knew it" means "I just knew it!"
You gave me the same line when I asked you how you knew my name!

Why are you bringing that up!?
It doesn't have anything to do with this!

You sure?! It might!



What...? I don't...





Uh... Look, just...forget about that. Come take a look at this.

Sure. Fine. Just let me get right on that.

Are you out of your damn mind?!
Tell me what the hell is going on here!
Why do you know how to log in to this computer?!

Are you even listening to me?!

[Music fades out]

We continued to yell at one another for several more minutes.
But no matter what Phi asked me, I could never come up with an answer that satisfied her.
Eventually, she seemed to give up.

I don't think you're lying.

Damn right I'm not.

And the AB Game deadline isn't getting any further away...

All right. Let's see what this thing has for us.

It looks like there's tons of stuff in here.


Oh, can you tell me the ID that you put in?
I can try searching for that.
Maybe we'll get a hit.

I gave her what she'd asked for.

Her search returned several files, and after examining them for a moment, Phi opened one.

Looks like it.

So was GTF-DM-L-016 a GAULEM's ID?

Don't ask me.
You seem to know more about all this than I do.


Fine. Whatever. Just read the file. Maybe it'll make more sense.
Let's see here...