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by Fedule

Part 194: Garden

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

You knew?

Oh, right... We haven't talked here in this one, huh?

This is the only place in this whole facility with anything green.
I kind of feel silly for saying it, but... It makes me think of the great outdoors.
I think it's the perfect place for a serious conversation.
Being surrounded by nature makes me feel...happy.

I'm not sure what you meant just now, but...
Are you talking about something that happened in another history?


They said that you have the ability to transport your consciousness through time...

Who told you that?

[Music fades out]

VLR Game Rip: [Blue Bird Lamentation (Music Box)]

Aren't you here to ask me something?
Why I killed them, perhaps?

Why do you think I didn't do it?
I'd like to know your reasoning...

[Music fades out]



All right.

I nodded and took a moment to compose my thoughts.

VLR OST: [Clarification]

There's no point beating around the bush, I suppose.
Dio killed her.

Why do you think so?

Except for a stripe on the wrist that was perfectly clean.
What could have caused that? My guess is a bracelet.
It got covered with blood and kept her wrist clean.

That meant Dio's bracelet had to have come from the old woman.

Is that your proof? That's why you think Dio killed her?

No, that's only enough to suspect him.
After all, he could have just taken the bracelet after someone else killed her.

Then why are you so sure?

Because he confessed.


After his bracelet reacted to the luminol, I confronted him.

I killed the old bitch and took her bracelet!

In a different timeline.

Isn't that...against the rules?

What rules?
I hope you're not going to try and bring up Knox's Ten Commandments...


Note: The dialogue recording cuts out here because Luna isn't going to say anything else of substance for the rest of this update. Feel free to listen to Clarification if you don't want to read in silence.

Does it really matter if it's against the rules or fair?
The truth is the truth.

Let's say that Incident P happens, and after that the timeline splits into Timeline A and Timeline B.
I don't think it's unfair to base a theory in Timeline A on information I found in Timeline B.
After all, A and B both came from the same place—P.
If you traced the history of both timelines, you'd end up back at Incident P.
Now, if I could change what happened with Incident P by visiting Timeline A or B, then yes, it'd be a different story.
I don't know that it'd be unfair, per se, but I'd certainly be breaking some pretty big rules.
Like, you know, the principle of causality.


By extension, that means you couldn't have killed her.
I'm assuming Dio wasn't originally intended to be part of the Nonary Game.
Somehow he got in and took the old woman's place. That's how he ended up as Quark's partner.

I have no idea why he would want to do something like that, and I don't know how he did it either...
But the fact remains that he did.
He hid in the warehouse on floor A and waited for someone to come out of one of the AB Rooms.

She left Quark asleep in the AB Room and came out on her own.

Somehow he managed to get close enough to stab her.

I'm guessing he stabbed her from behind so that he wouldn't get any blood on himself.

No, wait, actually...

Then he wrapped the knife up and hid it between the rightmost AB Room and its neighbor.
He probably didn't expect that they'd move, or he would have put it somewhere else.

Quark would have still been fast asleep, so as far as he knew Dio was there the whole time.


For now, let's move on to the other murders.
Well...actually, one of them probably isn't a murder.

What do you mean?

I'm talking about Alice.
I'm pretty sure she...


...committed suicide.

Adults! Children! Everyone! Everyone!
There won't be anyone left!
I'd rather die here!

She'd been infected with Radical-6.
I think that infection caused her to take her own life.

She took it with her, and then used it to stab herself in the crew quarters.


The first question is who put the handcuffs on them?

If you think about it though, it doesn't make sense.

That means she would have had to write with her right hand on her right thigh.
I feel like it would be really hard to do that, you know?
Why not just use your left thigh?
The thing is, I think she did.
When she died, her legs slumped together, and the message got transferred to the right thigh.
We just never saw the original because we didn't bother to check the other leg.
In other words, she wasn't trying to write "0 1 6."

With her dying breath, she was trying to tell us the name of her killer.


I think there's a pretty good chance Dio killed K.
Here's how I imagine it happened:

He wouldn't have seen the reaction immediately, but Dio would have known what was coming.
As soon as K turned the lights off, it would be clear that Dio had taken the old woman's bracelet.
My guess is he decided to take pre-emptive action.

Maybe K turned to switch the light off, and Dio took that opportunity to attack him.

He probably managed to grab the spear and stab Dio.
Then he...died.
So that accounts for all six bodies. None of them your fault.

[Music fades out]