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by Fedule

Part 197: [continued]

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Do you have any questions?

Well, what do you think? Does a bear shit in the woods?


VLR OST: [Divulgation]

Well, the first thing is Quark's bracelet.
Why was it in the infirmary?

Tenmyouji had it.
Then when Dio attacked him, it fell out of his pocket...

...I told him where it was.


Do you remember when you were in the rec room with Phi and Tenmyouji?

Yeah. When he sprayed us with the luminol, right? Sure I remember that.

Right after then.

I ran into him at the end of the hallway, where the three doors and the switch are.
That was when I told him.

That was the treatment room, right?


Where Quark was sleeping?

It only took him a moment...
As soon as he saw Quark, he ran to his pod and started crying...

Out of relief, right?

Yes. The display on the pod showed Quark's vital signs.
It was obvious he was alive the moment you looked at it.

Next to the pod was Quark's bracelet.
That was how Tenmyouji got it.

I...took it off.


...What? You mean the stuff from the crew quarters?

Oh, you found it?
Did you know that aluminum foil has electromagnetic shielding properties?


Anyway, the point is that you can detect the electricity that your heart makes by pumping blood.
Your fancy little bracelets pick up on that. They're allllllways watching.

Wait, so you're telling me the aluminum foil can block the electromagnetic waves your heart sends out?!

Yes. All you have to do is wrap it around your bracelet...

And the bracelet thinks your heart has stopped?!


Holy shit... It was that easy all along...

Then I put it next to the pod.

Wait... Why was Quark in the pod to begin with?

Oh, that's easy. I put him there.

When did you do that?

I found him unconscious near the entrance to the GAULEM bay.

So you carried him to the treatment pod?


Were you the one who unlocked the treatment center too?

No. I was not.
I do not have the authority to operate any of this facility's machinery. was Zero Jr.?

That's right.

He reactivated your body too, right?

Man... I don't get any of this...
Why the hell did he do that?


Hm... I guess it wasn't really him that did it, huh?
He was just doing what Zero Sr. and the old lady told him to do.
Everything leads back to them, huh?
Heh. Of course it does...

Tell you what...?

Isn't that obvious? Tell me what this "project" is.


Everything that happens in here has something to do with it.

So why were we brought here?

To play the Nonary Game.

And why were we supposed to play the Nonary Game?

That was part of the project.

Why did Alice kill herself?

Because she was infected with Radical-6.

How did she get infected?

Zero Sr. and the old woman did that.


It was a necessary evil... It had to happen for the project to succeed.

What would have happened if Alice hadn't committed suicide?

Clover wouldn't have suspected me, and she wouldn't have accidentally, um, killed me.

Then what?

I wouldn't have collapsed, and Dio wouldn't have found my body.
That would have meant the confrontation in the infirmary never took place.

In other words, you're saying Clover and Tenmyouji died for this "project."


Well...actually, it was the tubocurarine that killed them.
But they were only injected with it because of their bracelets, and they were only wearing those bracelets because of the Nonary Game.
If the Nonary Game was part of the project, then that's one more way it killed them.

I guess... If you want to look at it that way...

Now what about K and Dio.
Why would they kill each other?

Because Dio killed the old woman.
He was worried about getting caught, so he tried to kill K before he could find out the truth.

Then if Dio hadn't killed the old lady, what happened in the rec room would never have taken place, right?


So let me ask you this. Why did Dio kill her?

So that he could pose as one of the participants.

And why did he do that?

To...disrupt the project...

Then why did she let him kill her?

The same reason they did all of this...
It was a necessary evil. The project couldn't be allowed to fail.

[Music fades out]

Four of them were murdered, one way or another, by Dio.
At first that makes it look like Dio's the reason they all died... But that's not true, is it?
All of them...all six of them... They all died for this "project."
That means that the murderer—or, I guess I should say, murderers—were the old lady and Zero Sr., right?

Please, Luna, tell me...
What is this project about?
Who is the old woman? Who is Zero?