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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

by Fedule

Part 201: [continued]

VLR OST: [Eeriness]

Listen in (it's been so long): [English/Japanese]


I'm guessing somebody's hoping for an explanation about what the diddly-o just happened!
Because we're such great friends, I've decided to make an exception and descend from on high to give you the four-one-one.

Aren't you hoppy?


So what's this explanation you've got?

Well, let's start with little Quark. He was given an anesthetic that put him to sleep!
While he was out, Luna carried him through to the other side of the number nine door. did she open the door...?

It was still in the infirmary, remember?
Luna just hopped over there and picked it up.

So I was right...
Quark had 9 BP when the second round ended.


But didn't he get penalized after the third round...?

Yes he did!
But a penalty carrot take away your points. Just your life.

The needles popped out and so on, but the points stayed the same.

So Luna took Quark to the door...

And since her bracelet was already off, she wouldn't have suffered the penalty.

No, but it wouldn't have mattered anyway.

Oh, right... She's a GAULEM...

Okay, well, I've got some questions for you, buddy.


Not "ewe."

Well, good thing you don't have questions for V, that guy's a jerk.

This isn't the alphabet.

You must be feeling pretty good if you're able to joke around like that.



So long as you make it, nothing else matters. Am I right?

No! You're wrong!

Don't screw with us!

It's cool, it's cool, I know you've gotta act tough.
I mean, you chose "betray."

Figures. She's a GAULEM, she might even be a murderer...
That's why you were planning to leave her here and bone out, wasn't it?



You see? It's all about you.


Wait! I still have questions for—

No, I won't wait. I don't like waiting.
I waited once, and some half-witted reptile got the better of me because of it.
After that I learned to make sure to value my time.

The tortoise and the hare...

All righty then, I'll see you when I see you!

For a few long moments Phi and I just stared at the spot on the wall where Zero had disappeared.

[Music fades out]

Where had Quark been?
Who had given him an anesthetic? And why?
We had no idea who'd killed everyone...
And Zero Sr.'s identity, as well as the purpose of the Nonary Game, remained a mystery.

As for our futures...

VLR OST: [Demise]

I hadn't meant to say the words out loud, but there they were.

I think we should do the same. We've got plenty of time, after all.
We'll give the dead the closest thing to a funeral we can manage...

Even if I never leave this place, I'll figure out why we were here. I swear it.

I looked at the fire in her eyes, and nodded. If nothing else, at least we had a purpose.

Wanna know a Funfact? Way back in literally the first update of this LP, I not-so-subtly drew attention to some similarities in the voice-acting careers of Tarako "TARAKO" Isono, the Japanese voice of Zero III, and Nobuyo Oyama - most notably; long runs in title roles in beloved cartoons during the formative years of millenials, followed by relative peace and quiet, followed by returning to voice an anthropomorphised mascot antagonist in a Spike Chunsoft visual novel about people trapped in a deadly game. In the years (!) since that update, health concerns forced Oyama to step down from her role as Danganronpa's Monobearkuma, and you'll. never. guess. who they brought in to fill that role. I thought that was cool.

If only we could've had Cindy Robinson instead of Brian Beacock.

Anyway. Luna was good all along? What a twist!