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Part 220: Spoiler-y Fanart

Sentient Data posted:

Speedball posted:

Artist challenge: somebody draw little Quark taking a battleaxe to K and a lance to Dio. Or possibly just standing there with those oversized armaments in his hands.

No tablet, so traditional art will have to do (pencil on kids' colored paper). We all know that there's no way that he can hold them himself - it's all about his hat. The secret is that the metal boxes open to reveal THE CLAMPS! (or clamp-like devices)

HelloWinter posted:

Yay! Now I can finally post this gif animation thing I made way back when!

DarkHamsterlord posted:

NextTime000 posted:

Pringles Monster posted:

Dio has 5 points though, so hitting Betray won't necessarily get him out sooner.

not like that has stopped him in the past (I just imagined but with Dio and Betray)

Pringles Monster posted:

DaveWoo posted:

Nice. Now all we need is a Luna smiley constantly pressing "ALLY".

(Luna's always picked Ally so far, right?)

So like this?

Tarezax posted:

Dio's little speech inspired me.

I'm sure it's been done before.

Edited to fix the sound effects and some other things

Tarezax posted:

curiousCat posted:

But where did Dio put his hat?