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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

by Fedule

Part 34: Security Room

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

I just realized something.

What's that?

We were trying to figure out where the others are... What they were up to, if they were alive, and so on.

Are you following me?

Yeah! You're talking about stuff that's been recorded, right? Footage of the past!
If they store that, we might be able to see it!

Yeah. I don't know how much luck we'll have, but it's worth a shot.


VLR OST: [Placidity]

Leave that to me.

Well, it was designed so that a human could operate it.
That means there's a logic to how it's set up.
A computer computes, a calculator calculates, and an automobile mobiles.
Everything's designed to do something, and once you know what, you can start guessing how.
Once you start to figure out how to get it to do things, it's just a question of playing with it until it does the things you want it to do.

Looks like this is it.
Good work!

Knock it off. Makes it sound like you're better than me or something.


(Besides, I'm sure Sigma would have clicked on that clearly visible Desktop folder eventually anyway.)

Wait... What the heck is this?!
Everything says "No Data"!

Hm... Let's check the log.

Looks like all the video data was removed before we got here.

By Zero?

That would be my guess.
All it says here is "Administrator".

Damn... Well, that's a little frustrating.
That footage might've told us a lot.

Yeah. It might have given us what we need to figure out who the killer is, too.
The camera in room 2 in the crew quarters would have recorded what happened to Alice and Luna.
Same for the old woman in the warehouse.

And if there was a recording of us being carried into the AB Rooms...
We could have even figured out who Zero Sr. is.


You want to open it?


That should be the system logs of those robots.
I told you about them in the pantry, remember?

Yeah, you mean the room full of robots on the other side of the green door?


Here we go.


Everything here's been erased too.

Looks like it.

I guess there isn't anything we can--
Wait a second...

What is it?

There's a scrollbar.
Try scrolling.

This is the best hacking scene ever.

I knew it!

What do you mean?

Only his body was disabled. His brain is probably still functioning.

Already on it.

Phi, unlike Sigma, has noticed the clearly visible "GTM-CM-G-OLM DOWNLOAD DATA" folder.

Here you are.

Then... Hmmm...
Try the one that says "Cache"...

Hmm... These filenames all just seem like random characters...
Whatever. Just pick one and open it, I guess.


Yeah, that's what I thought.
This is probably from right after K decked us.
We'll be tossed into that white door on the left in a minute.
Just watch...

This is footage that G-OLM pulled from the main server...
The original data was deleted, but it looks like the stuff he pulled is still here.


So if we go back through these files...

Yeah. We might be able to figure out who the killer is.
Maybe even who Zero Sr. is.

C'mon, I told you I don't need you kissing my ass!
Besides, it's not like I really did anything...

That just leaves Tenmyouji, Clover and Quark.

Please listen in: [English/Japanese]


(Wh-What...? Why is she talking like that?)


(She sounds like someone's playing a tape of her voice all sped up...)
(What is going on here?)
(I can't understand what she's saying...)


(And why's she moving so fast? It's like watching a video on fast-forward...)
(What the hell is...)
(...Wait... could it be me/)
(Maybe my brain is slowing down somehow...)
(So it just looks like everything's sped up...)


Welp. So much for this path, then.