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by Fedule

Part 35: [continued]


I sat up slowly, rubbbing tenderly at my head.

999 OST: [Imaginary]

Yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry about it.

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

You sure?


You really looked like you'd lost it for a minute there.

Well, I seem to have found it again.
This is the security office... Maybe they've got a lost and found?

Your sanity's pretty easy to miss. I'm surprised anyone found it, let alone turned it in.


Yeah. I think I must just be getting tired. Kinda surprised it didn't catch up to me sooner.

I hope that's all it is... You haven't... caught a disease or something, have you?

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Well, you're looking a lot better, so I can stop worrying... right?

What are you, my mom?

Fine. No more check-ins.

Anyway, I figured something out while you were resting.
Come have a look at this.

Footage from room 2 in the crew quarters. The room where we found Alice and Luna.
I dug it out of G-OLM's cache.

When was this recorded...?

You'll see in a minute.

Up there on the right... That looks like some sort of timecode.

Can you figure it out?

No... It's just a bunch of numbers. I can't make heads or tails of it.

Yeah. The central server seems to be using its own time system.
Files appear to be named based on that system.
They might as well be random to you and me, which made it pretty hard to find this gem.


He looks at his bracelet here.
Probably checking how much time is left...

I'll just pause that and magnify it...

So that means this footage is from 21 minutes before the primary doors opened, right?


And that would have been the white doors in this case, right?

After K leaves this room, it's about two minutes before he comes back with you and me.

There were 20 minutes on the clock when we met up with him, right?
So that means what we're seeing here is K one minute before he saw us.


Yeah, if you believe him.
The footage here doesn't show any of that.

Are there any other angles?

I looked around, but I couldn't find one. The only stuff left is shot from this position.

You mean that this is a record of what happened right around the time of Luna's death, right?



Are you ready?


Okay. Let's keep going.

Let's say this is 0 hours, 0 minutes.
After all, it's not like we know what time it actually is.


There's no one here...

Yeah. About a minute goes by before anyone shows up.

Wait... How do you know it's been a minute?


Yeah. If I play it back at normal speed, I can measure time using this hourglass.
Then I just add the time from the hourglass, and that's how far in we are.

Oh... Someone's coming in...

Yeah. This is 0 hours, 1 minute.

Right now, you and I are talking to Dio in the floor B warehouse.
With the timeframe we've established, calculating what we're doing is pretty easy.

Are they fighting?
Hm, no, it's not really a fight. It looks like Clover's just going off on Luna...
Luna's just staying silent and listening to her...


Can we hear them? Is there an audio track?

Want to listen to it?

[this sound defies onomatopoeia]

What the hell is this...?

Don't know. The audio data must have been transcoded into something else.

Well, we won't be able to understand anything in that.


Clover's interrogation goes on for a while, but it's all pretty much the same thing.
Now, at 0 hours, 10 minutes, thing suddenly change.

Is there another-- Ah, no, you said this was it.

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Yeah. This is the only one that I found.
It shouldn't be too hard to guess what happened after you've seen the next part, though.

She looked like she was kind of panicking...

This is about a minute and 40 seconds after they both left the frame, so 0 hours, 11 minutes, 40 seconds.

Luna's still in the room.
That means...

Hold on. Wait until you've seen the whole thing before you start deducing.
At 0 hours, 12 minutes, another person comes in, just missing her.


What's he up to?

I don't know.
But I'm pretty sure that whatever it was, he doesn't want us to know about it.


Remember what he said when you asked him about Quark?

You're saying he was lying.
He wasn't in the floor B warehouse the whole time. He went to the crew quarters after we left him.

So what would have been important enough for him to lie about it?
We should consider that it might have been something bad.

And whatever it was, it happened during this time?

Yeah. I think so.

Maybe he heard a noise.

Like what?

The cyan door opening?

That brings us to 0 hours, 13 minutes, 10 seconds.

Ahh... When he heard K open the cyan door, he panicked.
Whatever he was up to, he didn't want K to catch him at it.

Yeah, below the bottom of the frame, just like the others.

If K was telling the truth, this is where he begins to try and recuscitate Luna.
Anyway, nothing happens for the next 16 minutes.
It's just... this.

So I'll fast-forward, alright?


All right, should be around here. One sec...

Hmm... So we've come full circle, huh?


For our arbitrary timecode, that's 0 hours, and 29 minutes.

One minute later, at 0 hours, 30 minutes, K heads to the floor A warehouse.

Once he gets there, he'll tell us about Luna's death.

I've looked at it carefully...

And I think it has something to tell us.

You mean who killed Luna, right?

Well, I can't say for sure. This footage makes for pretty shaky evidence.
But it does suggest a very likely culprit.

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