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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

by Fedule

Part 40: [continued]

Hey, this is that key.

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

What do you mean, "that key"?

We found it in the GAULEM bay.
Didn't have any idea what it was for then, though...
But Alice said it might be important, so she'd hang on to it, just in case...

So Alice should've had this, right?


And now Dio's got it...


Wait... K's key?

What do you mean?

Get over here. A picture's worth a thousand words. Let me show you.

Oh, yeah! So that's it!
It unlocks the suit, right?

Yeah. Let's give it a shot.

Listen in: [English/Japanese]






Why not?

But with this axe in here...

You're saying it shorted the suit out or something?

I think so...

I don't have any doubt it's for removing K's suit.

Do you think Dio knew that when he took it?

Yeah. No way we can get that mask off with our bare hands...

I wonder who he was...

Well, I still haven't checked him over.

Let's have a look. Maybe we'll find something that'll tell us who he is.

Listen in: [English/Japanese]


What is it?

That's the one Tenmyouji had!


Then... does that mean K was the one who handcuffed them to the sink?

We don't know yet.

Why not?

K might have taken the spray from Tenmyouji after he died.
It's possible he made it through the white doors before we did, went to the infirmary, and got this.


Turn off the lights.

Are you going to check for a luminol reaction?

If K used the spray before he died, we might still be able to see it.

There's blood everywhere in here, though...

That's okay. If he didn't spray it, there won't be a reaction from any of it. C'mon.


All right, do it.


Hmmm... Just as I thought.

Look. Dio's left wrist...


But why?

Because there are traces of blood on it.

Whose blood?

We've seen five people with serious bleeding.
The old woman, Alice, Tenmyouji, and these two here.
I'm disinclined to think this is Dio or K's blood, though.

Why would someone wipe blood off a bracelet after being hit with an axe or stabbed with a spear, and then spray it with luminol?
It doesn't make sense.

Then that leaves the old woman, Alice and Tenmyouji...


Please, just do it.

Do you think Tenmyouji had figured out that one of the bracelets would have blood on it?

That would have meant he was looking for either Alice's blood, or the old woman's.

Hm... I wonder which it was?

No idea.


Neither one of you is Zero Sr.

Are you saying that because there wasn't any reaction from the luminol?


Are you saying that Dio is Zero Sr.?!

I don't know...

Then who killed Dio?

K, perhaps. After he was attacked, he used the last of his strength...

Another descendent of species B...


Nothing. Forget about it.


All of this would be over...
This awful game would be over...