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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

by Fedule

Part 59: [continued]

Please check your bracelet to see your updated Bracelet Points.

999 OST: [Chill and Rigor]

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Sigma's BP is...


I didn't have to wait long.

First would be the anesthetic Soporil...

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Hey! Sigma! Get up!


Oh no... Oh no, oh no, oh no...

Trying to open my eyelids was like trying to lift sheets of lead.

You'll keep... your promise... Goddamnit...

I groaned and with a herculean effort lifted my head, and then my sluggish body, off the floor.

I threw out my hand in front of him.

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Aren't we supposed to share everything we find here?

I don't... care... Just... hand me... the medicine...

We found the Axelavir... in the laboratory.

And Dio... stole it...


You... you mean he has it? Right now?

...I kept... my promise...
Now... you...

Not quite what I'd been expecting...


With a shrug he pulled the vial out of his pocket and tossed it toward me.

It was the real thing.

(Now at least Quark will be all right...)

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Ahh! Sigma! Are you okay?!



(I guess this is it...)

In 5 minutes, I would be dead...

What could I do in 5 minutes?
How could I save myself?

I gave a raspy, quiet laugh. Even with death staring me in the face, I seemed to be determined to struggle right up until the very end.

(You can do this...)

Every problem, no matter how difficult, has a solution!

There's always another option!

Hopelessness is a state of mind!

I just had to think! Think, think, think!

If there was a way out, I'd find it!

I wasn't ready to give up on life yet!

There had to be an answer--!

Lock no. 03
Five minutes of life!

This is our formal introduction to Plot Locks - the password thing from the Security Room branch was somewhat of a special case since that one's a case of player input at which you can technically cheat. Bona-fide Plot Locks are more straightforward.

Remember the Coffin Ending in 999? It's that. Same thing. Just, much less of a pain now that we have the flowchart.

Somewhere, sometime, in this sprawling world of possibilities is the "key" that will help us decide what Sigma should do with his last five minutes of being able to breathe.

It's a quandary, I'll give you that.

So... what now?

Our options are starting to add up since we've got two major branches to think about, so here's a quick primer, in an order that's something like depth-first:

cd ~/magenta/ally/green/betray
Betray Luna after escaping the Gaulem Bay

cd ~/magenta/ally/red
After successfully allying with Luna, go through the Red door with Alice and Clover

cd ~/magenta/ally/blue
After successfully allying with Luna, go through the Blue door with Alice and K

cd ~/magenta/betray
Betray Luna after escaping the Lounge

cd ~/yellow/ally/red/betray
Betray Dio after escaping the Laboratory

cd ~/yellow/ally/green
After being betrayed by Tenmyouji, go through the Green door with Clover and Quark

cd ~/yellow/ally/blue
After being betrayed by Tenmyouji, go through the Blue door with Clover and Tenmyouji

cd ~/yellow/betray
Betray Tenmyouji after escaping the Infirmary

cd ~/cyan
After escaping the Elevator, go through the Cyan door with Phi and Alice