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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

by Fedule

Part 75: Infirmary

VLR OST: [Strain]

C'mon, kid! Get ahold of yourself!

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

He's sick, and we don't even know what's wrong with him!
What if you make him worse?!

Then what am I supposed to do?!
I have to save him!

Maybe he just has anemia or something.

No, that's not it.
I know him better than any of you. He doesn't have anemia. He's never just... collapsed before.

Well then call an ambulance and stop freaking out about it.

You son of a bitch! This is serious!

Without a doctor, there's not going to be much we can do with them.

Well, we've got Luna.


That's right! I remember Dio saying something!
You have a medical license, don't you?!

Wait, really? Is that true, Luna?

You have to take a look at him, then! Please! Quark needs your help!

Okay. I'll see what I can do.

It's called an ADAM.
It uses nuclear magnetic resonance imaging to examine and diagnose people.

So that thing can tell us what's wrong with Quark?

Yes. I believe it can.

Just let us know if you need anything.

Of course.


[Music fades out]

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

I feel so terrible saying this, but... Quark is...
Quark has an infection. A viral infection.

Oh no...

Don't tell me...

Yes... He's been infected with a virus called Radical-6.

VLR OST: [Divulgation]

Y-Yeah... I told Alice and Tenmyouji about it.

Phi and I heard about it from Luna...

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

W-Well, ADAM says that there's an anti-viral serum called "Axelavir".
It's the only way to counteract Radical-6. If we can inject him with some, he should... he should be okay.

Where is it?!
Shouldn't it be in the infirmary somewhere?!

We looked around, but we didn't see anything.

I don't trust a damn thing you say!
I'm asking Luna!

I-I'm sorry, but... Dio's telling the truth.
We didn't find anything.


What about the other rooms?!

No, nothing like medicine. I mean, it was just, like, a park.
Lots of vegetation and stuff, but...
No medicine.

Was there any medicine in your room?!

We visited the laboratory.
There were a number of chemicals and concoctions there, some of which were medicine, but nothing like what we're searching for, I'm afraid.

Oh God...
Then he's... he's going to... Oh God no...

The three of you went to the treatment center, right?
And you're sure it wasn't there?

No, there was nothing even remotely like it.
You went there too, didn't you?
The only thing in the treatment center are those "treatment pods".

That's it! If we put Quark in one of those pods--!

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Oh, thank God! You're awake!

Get away from me!

999 OST: [Trepidation]

What...? Quark, what are you--?

Sorry... Grandpa...
I can't... I... have to...

Have to what?
What are you talking about?

Isn't it obvious?
I have to... escape...

But... how?

... this!

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Nooo! Let go! Let go of me!

Hnngh! Pretty tough for a kid.
Hey! Guys! I could use a hand here!

Y-Yeah! Right!

On it!

Me too!

Let go of me you jerks!


Tenmyouji! Can you even hear me?!

O-Oh... Right...

Why won't you let me go?!
I have to get out of this body!
They can't lock away the soul!
Once my body's gone, my soul can escape!
Please! You have to let me go!
Let me goooooo!
I'm trapped here!
Let me die! I have to die!


Jesus, this kid's lost it...
Hey! Somebody get that scalpel away from him!

What are we gonna do?
We've gotta calm him down somehow...

Listen in: [English/Japanese]



Are there any tranquilizers in here?

N-No... W-Well, I mean...


There's Soporil β...


That's the anesthetic! The one that's in our bracelets!

Good! Perfect! Hit him with some of that!


He'll be fine! It's just an anesthetic, Tenmyouji! It won't hurt him, I promise!


Just hurry up and do it! C'mon, Luna!

O-Okay! Let me just...

Okay! I've got it!

Good! Wait until he's... Now! Do it now!


No! Stop!

*Pant* *Pant* *Pant*

According to these readings, he's in a very deep sleep.

VLR OST: [Placidity]


What about the anesthetic? How long will it last?

He shouldn't wake up for a few hours.

I think that might be the virus's fault.
It probably attacks the part of the brain that governs reason. Without anything to hold it back, his body was using every ounce of strength it had.

Yeah? How do you know?

H-Huh? Oh, well, um...

How much do you know about this Radical-6?

O-Oh, not much.
I probably only know about as much as you do.
All I've seen about it is that newspaper article.

That the truth?

Why would I lie about that?
I've seen other viruses do the same thing. I was just making a guess...


Yes. At least, I think so.

So what kind of virus is Radical-6?