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Part 7: All Teams Survived

Part 7: All Teams Survived

The plan is complete - we're going to have a three-way tie.

Each team has received one vote.

Surely nothing can go wrong here. I mean, winning the coin toss worked out for us, right?

Music: Clarification 2nd Mix

Do you think it'll be okay...?

All we could do was trust them.

Here comes Zero again. Nothing new here.

Sleep well, as the next game will begin when you awake.

One final thing. You've gone through with the vote exactly as I commanded.

You deserve a reward for obeying.

There sure are a lot of TVs in here. Anyway...

Pleasant dreams...

And everyone's out.

Fade to static....

And we're back here again. What happened?

A peek at the flow chart gives us some information. There are four icons on the left, with one lit up.

Well, that was the goal, right? Those other three icons, though....

If you look back at the previous image, you can just make out four main branches leading down to the rest of the flowchart. Four branches, four icons....

With the full flowchart open, there are a lot of new fragments available. With no information as to how they fit in, or even what branch they're on. It's hard to see what these are, but if you compare them to the tour we got of each ward, you can figure a lot of it out.

Top middle is Akane holding a chainsaw. No further comment necessary. Middle left just shows the team standing around in the Infirmary. Bottom left has everyone in what looks like Control, maybe a part of the room we can't see from the initial shot. Bottom right is clearly the Decontamination Room. And the new fragment on the middle right is in the Rec Room. That means the chainsaw image is likely for either the Pantry or the Power Room. I'll use my powers of LP foresight to tell you it's the Pantry.

Q-Team has four new fragments. On the bottom left is their version of the Decontamination Room. The bottom middle is hard to see but the floor pattern matches the Biolab. The bottom right shows a close-up of Eric in the Pod Room. And the middle right has Q holding a crossbow in the Mystery Room. Remember how there was one room in Ward Q with no label that they couldn't access?

D-Team shows five new fragments. Upper left is what looks like the Healing Room. Middle left shows Diana with a huge revolver in the foreground. Careful examination of the background reveals this scene to be in the Trash Disposal Room. In the center we have Sigma and Diana in what I think is the Transporter Room from the floor pattern. Lower right is another Decontamination Room. Middle right has the whole team in what must be either Manufacturing or the Locker Room. I can't tell which from the image, but a quick lookahead at the fragment tells me it's Manufacturing.

In addition to all of those options, we can also replay any fragment that isn't completed. At the moment, that includes the three Execution fragments, one for each team.

To sum it all up, you now have 17 different options. And yes, I made a 17-option poll for it. Try to persuade others in the thread to your side, because I don't want to deal with an 8-way tie of three votes each. Select the story fragment.