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Part 11: Carlos's Sin

Part 11: Carlos's Sin

Looks like a lot of people regretted the last decision. Lucky for us, we can immediately change it.

The first time through the fragment didn't go so well for us. Let's try another path.

The lit-up nodes along this branch have the following labels, starting from the top:

You can jump to any of those nodes to replay whatever you want. But for our purposes, we're going straight back to the decision node.

Part of the scene just before the decision is replayed, to give you some context. But each line can be skipped.

I had a hard time faulting Carlos's logic last time - would Akane really kill Junpei? But as we saw, that's not really what this decision is about, anyway.

Surely this choice will work out better?

Music: Trepidation 2nd Mix

I told you, I didn't...

I didn't...kill hiiim!

The camera cuts away, the musid stops, and there's a noise, like something just got cut.

This noise is really more of a gasp of shock.

A scream from Carlos.

The chainsaw falls to the ground.

Carlos gasping here. They don't really show it because that would require a new model, but Carlos lost his left hand, and the attached bracelet, to Akane's chainsaw.



I'm sorry... I couldn't...avenge you...

Missing Lip Animations: 9


Something of a sobbing scream from Carlos here. The camera zooms out, then fades to black.

More of a "To Be Continued" than a "Game Over" this time. We're stuck behind a lock. Not sure where else they're going to go with that one, though.

Well, neither choice in that fragment went all that well, did it? Fortunately we've got lots more to choose from. One fragment is closed off for now, and no new ones have opened up. But we've still got 16 fragments left to choose from. Select the story fragment.