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Zero Time Dilemma


Part 14: Don't Shoot

Part 14: Don't Shoot

Another immediate fragment replay. We shot Eric last time, so this time we're going with the next most popular option from the "Triangle" update.

Why shoot anyone at all?

Music: Bereavement

I'll just...slowly put my weapon down first...

Missing Lip Animations: 12

The crossbow starts to dip...

Mira doesn't move yet.

Neither does Eric.

A grunt out of Eric, whose eyebrows go up in surprise.


Music: Sacrificial Demise (Demise 2nd Mix)

Mira and Eric stand up as the smoke clears.

I'm really glad we shot him the first time.

Chimes, and the computer lady returns.

Cut straight to Mira and Eric opening the X-Door.

The door finishes opening.

Let's get out of here and build a happy home and wonderful future together!


They run through the open door, with Eric laughing the whole way.

Music: Reminiscence

Man, I don't think I could be any happier. I have you, Mira, and this bed is super comfy... I couldn't ask for anything more! Isn't that right?

Yeah, right...

I hope we can be like this every day. Forever and ever and--

A sharp noise, and the screen flashes white and then red.

And that's it. Mira still gets her "heart" in the end.

Back to the Team Select screen. We can still replay the Study, so it's the exact same poll as last time. Select the story fragment.