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Part 15: Shoot Mira

Part 15: Shoot Mira

Heavy interest in seeing the last option currently available for the Study.

So far we've tried to not shoot anyone...

And we shot Eric. That's still the best ending so far.

Take three.

Here we go again.

Let's see what happens if we get rid of the serial killer instead.

Music: Consternation 2nd Mix

A yell as the crossbow is fired.



Oh hey we got to shoot Eric again after all. I have a feeling some of you voters knew what was going to happen!

If you do it there, then his heart will be gone! Your heart, I have to--

This scene makes way more sense if you watch it after shooting Eric. Or intending to shoot Eric, rather.

The hand falls, and Eric dies. Again. (That's three-for-three, for those counting at home.)

I just... I just...

And lest we forget, you tried to kill me, didn't you?

Mira is a lot less friendly when a) she's the target, and b) Eric's heart is destroyed before she can touch it.

Two shots fired, with the screen flashing white each time. Something falls, though it sounds metallic.

Music: Sacrificial Demise (Demise 2nd Mix)

Mira's work done, she lowers the gun.

Computer lady is back!

This couldn't have ended any shittier.

Another falling noise.

And Mira walks away.

Well, at least we got to shoot Eric again? We're done with the Pantry for now, but the other 15 options are still there. Select the story fragment.