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Part 22: Incorrect

Part 22: Incorrect

As usual, we're immediately going to go back and see what lies down the other path.

So let's jump right to the decision scene.

I'll just skip through all the dialogue we've already seen.

Wait why can't I skip this one?

Oh. Oh! There it is! My tongue feels all tingly!

I don't feel anything though...

Nothing here either...

No that's not what happened. What is this.

So, that must mean...

Remember the coin flip? How going back and replaying the decision actually changed the value of the coin? Well, the same effect is in play here. The case with the antidote has changed!

The only other line that's different is the one where Carlos is summing up the results of the test, when trying to figure out which case to unlock.

The right answer here is now case B, since that's the only one that Akane tried and the others didn't. But we're looking for a wrong answer, and if anyone felt numb at all then case A is definitely wrong, since no one tried that one.

The game never actually shows you which case you opened, and they all look the same inside. So the first part of the scene is exactly the same whether we're right or wrong.

Carlos is just as confident.

Everyone makes awkward drinking motions, and falls down.

Music: Sacrificial Demise (Demise 2nd Mix)

I'm guys...

Junpei falls over, and Carlos's hand drops.

Well, can't say I didn't see it coming.

At least we completed another fragment?

Oh well. We've still got 10 new fragments left, and the three Execution fragments are still available for replay. What'll it be this time? Select the story fragment.