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Part 26: Shoot: Blank

Part 26: Shoot: Blank

Yeah, I know, I didn't really need to ask.

Back to the "Gun vs Incinerator" decision, then.


A gunshot, and the screen flashes white. Again.

Music: Divulgation 2nd Mix

The door beeps and swings open. Again.

[Computer Lady:] Incinerator open. Incineration process...terminated.

This line is different, though still ambiguous if you saw this scene first.

Instead of panning over to show the bloodstained wall, Phi immediately runs over while we look at the ceiling.

Hey! You all right?! Are you hurt?

That might've ruptured my eardrum...

Sigma's restrained are blown off.

Phi sighs in relief.

Diana's still in shock.

Fade to black, and we're back in the Lounge.

Phi's still angry at Diana. She'll probably get over it easier with everyone still alive, though.

No response, though she looks a bit flushed.

Listen, Sigma! Diana made the decision. It was her choice to pull that trigger! That means she didn't care that there was a 50% chance you'd die!

It was to save you...

And she did. She saved your life.

Music: Aftermath (Decontamination Room)

You know the drill by now.

[Computer Lady:] That is all.

So, because of the vote at 13:30...they were executed...

He had to deal with a handicap... He probably didn't even realize something was wrong...

Diana grunts in pain, and leans forward, clutching her chest. Time for flashbacks!

Music: Zero (Unary Game Remix)

Something falls.

Wh-What's wrong, Diana?!

Another falling sound.

You too...?

And he falls, too.

What... What's...happening...

I think...we were poisoned...

Probably while...we were asleep...


Who really cares right now... We only need to save...

The door opens. The vent cover is off again. Or maybe is still off?


Old dog slowly walks like a robot across the room.


The container clicks open.

These are...

And the container is emptied.

Come to think of it, they are writhing in pain like C-Team was when they were poisoned. Guess the Trash Disposal Room takes place at the same time as the Infirmary, then?

Gab... He brought us the antidote!

I'm not convinced all three of those vials really fit in that container, but whatever. We've got a fade to black here, so that a new background music track can kick in.

Music: Consternation 2nd Mix

Come on... Let's drink these...

What did it say on the note...?

We can trust her...

The handwriting is definitely hers...

When we voted, Carlos chose Q-Team...

I don't know... But it's not a stretch to imagine that Carlos intends to kill all of us...

If we get knocked off, then C-Team can get out of here...

So you're saying that these aren't an antidote, but...

Exactly. They might be poison...

No. I can't believe that...

We already had a concoction pumped into our veins that's killing us... Why bother doubling down on the poison...

Regardless, if we don't do anything we'll--

More groaning and grunting in pain from Sigma here.

You saved all of us before...

I'll trust you to do it...

Phi's had a total attitude reversal here.


And the heartbeat returns.

Our first double-decision fragment!

This decision might be more difficult to make if we hadn't already played through the Infirmary fragment. I have one nitpick about this whole situation, though. When we didn't shoot last update, why did Diana and Sigma not feel any effects of the poison, or need the antidote? I think that's more oversight than "Zero only poisoned them when he knew we would go down this branch", but I'm not sure.

Anyway, what will you do?


I've been a little lax on showing the files lately. I think we get this one in the Healing Room fragment, after not pressing the button.

Here's a graphic explaining how Akane solved the puzzle for finding the antidote in the Infirmary.

Some random information on incinerators. There are some common jewelry metals that melt at way higher temperatures than that, so maybe the brooch is made of one of those?

And finally, the latest Gabletter.

Now that we've confirmed we're in the same timeline as the Infirmary, here's a cropped shot of the global flowchart, confirming we're on the same path as the one where C-Team correctly identified the antidote. Interesting, there seems to be more scenes after the other two ending scenes we've already seen here, including the "game over" one....