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Part 27: Drink

Part 27: Drink

The thread trusts Akane. Who just a little while ago was going crazy with a chainsaw. But sure.

Let's drink.

Music: CQD Ward BGM 2

Small nod from Phi.

Small nod from Sigma.

Down the hatch! Fade to black, and we wait to see what happens...

Music: Transient Tranquility

I still don't get it. What in the world is C-Team thinking?

Guess everyone's fine?

No, Akane just took over without giving us a say in the matter.

You mean Akane and Carlos took opposite stances...?

Akane sent Gab with the antidote in order to save us. But that would've been an incredibly unfavorable outcome for Carlos. If that wasn't what he wanted, then he wouldn't have voted for Q-Team.

Aren't you thinking too hard?

I agree with Sigma here. Particularly since we're the ones driving Carlos's decisions, and technically that particular decision hasn't happened yet during our stroll through the multiverse. Maybe Carlos just really hates Eric, too?

Or that. Maybe his finger just slipped. Or Junpei pushed him.

How can you be so sure?

We've only known and lived with him for five days... How could we have any idea what he's thinking?

That didn't stop you from forming an oddly-deep bond with Diana, though.

It's just not that easy to see a person's true self.


Missing Lip Animations: 20

Don't laugh, okay?

All right, we finally get to learn more of Phi's backstory! Let's hear it! not the stunning reveal I was hoping for. So you're saying your hair matches your eyebrows, no kidding.

Like so.

Even Sigma's like, "That's it?"

And Diana bursts out laughing.

But, I mean...

It's a big deal for me okay? I have a complex over it!

So that color...

It's dyed.

I figured I may as well make it something unique.

Well, I'm a readhead, too.

Yeah... You're being rude to Diana.

Well, it looks good on her, of course.

My face...but with red hair.

Hmm, not bad, actually.

It'd be a good look for you.

Music: Sinisterness Phase 2

Another transition, and look who's back?

Jumbled falling sounds.

Everyone's out, fade to static.

That went reasonably well. We now have a timeline where both C-Team and D-Team have made it intact to the next round. Much better performance than the first few fragments we did. But is that what we want?

The poll is still the same - replay to get the last node on this fragment, go explore a new fragment, or replay one of the execution votes. Select the story fragment.