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Part 28: Don't Drink

Part 28: Don't Drink

As usual, we're going to immediately see what happens on the other branch. A bit closer vote this time, though.

So what if we didn't drink the antidote. Would the poison really have killed us, like it did C-Team?

Music: Sacrificial Demise (Demise 2nd Mix)

The sound of breaking glass.

Diana...! What are you doing...?!

There' the vials...

It shouldn't kill us...if...we just...

Diana joins the other two on the ground.

Yeah, we were supposed to drink. But we knew that already.

Bright side - we completed another fragment! This screen also gives you a close-up view of the fragment flowchart. You can just make out the Infirmary sitting above this one. And three other fragments below it.

Back to square one. We're finally done with the Trash Disposal room, but there are still nine new fragments to go explore, and the three Execution fragments to replay. Down to "only" 12 options. Select the story fragment.