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Part 31: Eric's Rage

Part 31: Eric's Rage

I suppose Eric deserves an answer here. Even if we have to kind of make something up.

Leading response was to just blame Zero. Really, none of us would be here otherwise, so it makes sense, right?

I guess that's true, in an overall sort of way.

And the shotgun is fired. The music starts up here, too - the scene was silent up until now.

Music: Sacrificial Demise (Demise 2nd Mix)

Oh well. Better luck next time!

Pretty good ending title. Let's try again.

Maybe we should just confess?

Shotgun fired. Game over. Hmm.

Given Eric's penchant for violence, this answer seems most likely to be true.

I...killed Mira...?

Bang. Dead again.

I know, let's blame the dog!

Uh huh... And how'd he do that?


Yeah, I didn't really think that'd work.

Carlos killed Akane, seems reasonable he might've gotten to Mira, too, right?

Hey now, someone was running around Ward D earlier, it totally could've happened. No? Ok, what else.

Sigma's pretty suspicious, he probably could have faked his death and made his way over here.

Yeah, you got me there.

Maybe Mira went extra crazy and somehow strangled herself?

By strangling herself...? Don't fuck with me!

I can't even defend that one.

Maybe bringing up his dead brother will confuse him long enough for us to run away?

This one's the generic response for any input the game doesn't understand, or otherwise doesn't have a line for. Can't really disagree with him, either.

As we've seen, the Study fragment happens when C-Team goes through the "Carlos's Decision" path, and the Pod Room fragment happens when C-Team goes through the "Carlos's Sin" path. How? Well, that's the mystery, I suppose.

As you might've guessed, any name you give Eric results in him shooting us. Though the initial lines that Eric says are usually different. Shall we go back and try not answering? Or go somewhere else entirely? Select the story fragment.