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Part 35: First come, first saved: D

Part 35: First come, first saved: D

The Decontamination Room seemed to work out well for C-Team, so let's try out D-Team's version. I needed a break from puzzle rooms, anyway.

Same simple fragment structure that C-Team had. Let's dive in.

Music: Transient Tranquility

D-Team is locked in, too.

Does that mean it's locked?

Yeah, seems that way...

Missing Lip Animations: 24

That's how it's labeled on the map.

There are showers in here?

You need to wash all contaminants off after you return from outside.

Here, and the X-Door in the Lounge.

You're right. It looks like there's a hall to an elevator outside. I don't see how they're connected on the map, but it must be there.

Okay, then let's escape through that door!

How exactly do you propose that...

It looks like it's been welded shut...

Maybe it'll open if we push that yellow button over there?

Did you not just hear that it's welded shut!

Then what exactly is it for?

It's clearly suspect. Better not.


Not sure why Phi and Sigma have reversed their positions from the Healing Room here, but whatever.


As expected, D-Team's version of the Decontamination Room fragment also takes place in the 18:00 - 19:30 time slot.

The anasthetic was injected after the vote around...


So we've been asleep for almost four and a half hours...

We're on, what, our eighth fragment since the execution ones? And all of them have taken place at 18:00? I wonder if we'll ever see any that are earlier, or later.

Here's something interesting.

You even have to ask?

Diana voted against the plan on the note and chose C-Team!

Did she? I thought we were in the timeline where everyone followed the plan. Which would've had D-Team voting for Q-Team.

Whoa, wait hold up. What are you saying? I thought Diana voted for Q-Team. Isn't that right?

Sigma and Phi both remember opposite outcomes from the execution vote. Somehow.

I'm sorry... I... Well, I...don't really remember...

What?! How is that possible?! How could you forget!

And Diana can't tell what she remembers. Maybe both?

Diana had chosen to vote for Q-Team...

I know for sure that she definitely voted for C-Team!

Conflicting memories...maybe Phi accidentally hopped over from a different timeline? Although I suppose it's also possible for all three teams to betray the plan and end up in the same situation, here.

You're the one out of it, you senile old fart!

Don't tell me...

Looks like Phi agrees.

Music: Placidity 2nd Mix

Everyone's sitting down now. Time for a chat.

Phi nods.

Do you mind explaining?

Even if I did, I don't think you'd believe me.

You see, the things Sigma and I've been through are, uh, complicated and mysterious...

Sigma and I both originated from the current world of 2028. Our consciousnesses were sparked by a specific event into jumping forward to 2074. We returned to April 2029, where we lived 45 years normally through time. In January 2074, our two consciousnesses were booted to the past again.

Got all that? There were charts in VLR explaining it and everything.

You only need to believe us...


It isn't as if there aren't any survivors left.

But a large number are...

It's all because of Radical-6. A horrific virus that affects the human brain. It spread quickly worldwide, and humanity began heading to extinction.

I haven't mentioned the virus's name much, but there you go.

That was what we were told anyway. Some of the information appears to be incorrect though.

How so...?

This is just a guess, but I think Radical-6 wasn't leaked from Dcom...

That's like the third time that Diana has been stunned into silence in this scene.

Regardless, back then we believed it all started at Dcom. So we infiltrated the facility as subjects to prevent the release of the virus. With Akane's help...

Missing Lip Animations: 25

Using the organization's assets, we hacked the admin server, and altered the original subject list and data.

Akane, Sigma, and Phi hacked their way in. Junpei threatened his way in somehow. So Carlos, Diana, Eric, and Mira got in naturally? I wonder who Akane kicked out of the experiment when she placed her trio on the list?

Missing Lip Animations: 26

And just like that, Diana's on board. I think this is the third time we've convinced her of this wild story?

Slow nod from Sigma.

I'd like to go back for a second. Phi, you said you "jumped" earlier, right?


Missing Lip Animations: 27

Geez, get it together, game.

Diana is apparently interrupted by silent stares from the other two.

Not sure where that conversation thread went.

Time for something new. And old.

A little late perhaps, but I will now announce the voting results.

Music: Zero (Unary Game Remix)

All three groups have voted for different teams. Therefore, none have been executed. The current death count: 0.

Simga has that "I was right" look on his face.

I can't say this is an ideal situation for any of us involved. It appears that none of you fully grasp the essence of this game.

Think back on the rules you were told...You will remain in this shelter for eternity until six people are killed.

I will give you one last chance. A single action from you may result in your escape from the depths. What must you do? It's simple. I shall show you.

Music: CQD Ward BGM 3

The other two teams are listening to a message just like this one... In their ward's Decontamination Room...

Zero's message really is exactly the same here.

The construction of all of them are the same. A yellow button exists on the wall in each. Pressing it activates the showers in the other wards, and they will rain down a solution of hydrogen fluoride.

Nice typo, there.

It's not only acidic enough to melt a body, but it even dissolves glass and iron. Explaining what would happen if you were under it seems unnecessary.

The thread explained that lead and plastic are safe from such acid, so the pipes and shower heads could theoretically handle it, if they were constructed right.

That button on the wall is your way to freedom. Using it will kill the other teams, and you will obtain the needed X-Passes to escape.

I have one final thing to tell you. The early bird gets the worm. After the first team pushes it, the button will become inactive for both of the other teams. Your time limit is three minutes. What will you do? Will you press it? Or refuse?

It is ultimately all up to you to decide.

Music: Consternation 2nd Mix

Wait! Don't!

Sigma is quick on the draw here. I thought it'd be Eric we'd have to fight off.

Of course I don't want to kill the other teams!

If no one pushes it before three minutes are up--

But if we wait, all three teams will be killed! The acid will melt even our bones, and all that's left will wash down the drain! Is that how you want to reunite?! To hug and cry together in the drain?! By then we wouldn't even be able to see or hold them!

Uh, I don't think anyone said that, actually. Thanks for the graphic description, though.

Please, calm down.

Someone on another team could be pushing the button right now, as we speak!

D-Team doesn't go in for the crazy-eyes look much, but Sigma's pretty close here.

Zero did say that we had three minutes! But he never said what would happen once the time limit ended!

That's true, he didn't. But he didn't say we'd be safe, either. Are we sure we're going down the right path here?

There's still a chance nothing will happen after the deadline is over.

To see how much we all trust.

That'd be one hell of a corporate retreat exercise.

Trust the other teams...

Silence is concurrence, I guess.

Heartbeat time!

Music: Ambidexterity 2nd Mix

Still just ten seconds to decide. Fortunately I've got a handy pause button. Speaking of buttons, what'll it be? Press the button?


Couple of new files this time.

In case you were wondering just what exactly is going to come out of those shower heads.

For someone who's supposed to be helping from the outside, we don't really hear a lot from or about Aoi.

Status screen update - everyone's alive! (For now.) We still don't have Q's portrait, even though I checked this screen in a fragment where he was confirmed dead (there was just a red X through the icon instead). We must not know enough about him, yet.

I don't think I've showed it off before, but here is the Options screen. I was turning up the background music so I could have an easier time identifying each track as the music changes. Sometimes it's hard to hear over the dialogue.