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Zero Time Dilemma


Part 38: Don't Press (4)

Part 38: Don't Press (4)

Going for the third time through without pressing the button.

Just have to let the timer run out one more time...

Music: Divulgation 2nd Mix

It seems like the other teams didn't press it either.

Eric suddenly sits up, gasping.

Missing Lip Animations: 30

Wh-What? Watch where you're staring!

It seems there may be a misunderstanding, so I shall clear it up for you. I never said the showers would activate as soon as the button was pressed. Which means...

You've yet to learn whether the button has been activated by someone or not.

Now, it is time for you to sleep. When next you wake, know that you will have no memory of these past ninety minutes. Pleasant dreams...


Falling sounds again.

And the fragment is over.

Hey, there's a new fragment there. Bottom row, second from the left. Looks like C-Team is looking at a box - the Force Quit Box that each team found in the Execution fragments. (The Rec Room fragment doesn't say "NEW" because I recorded part of it earlier.)

Q-Team has a similar new fragment, in the upper-left corner.

As does D-Team, in the upper-right corner.

I'll call these new fragments "Force Quit" after the box, and add them to the poll. So now we have eight new framgents (five from before, and the three we just unlocked) and five fragments available for replay. Where to next? Select the story fragment.