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Part 44: Ally

Part 44: Ally

Looks like we're continuing the VLR LP tradition of always picking "Ally". At least, at first...

Nope, no reservations about this decision whatsoever.

Music: Anxiousness 2nd Mix

[Computer Lady:] Results will be displayed on the monitor.

Who, could have ever, seen this coming?

The screen flashes white, and there's a wet squelch sound. Then a fall.

Looks like Carlos was injected already.

Junpei walks over.

"There's nothing gained by choosing "Betray", right?"

I knew that line was going to come back and bite us.

Wh.. What are you...?

With three more, the X-Door will be able to be opened.

That's right.

No... So then, you...

I didn't choose "Betray" so I could escape.

I know you'd do anything for the little sister you love. So that's why I figured you'd choose to push "Betray" yourself...

You're full of shit, Junpei.

Ah... Huh...? Junpei...? Carlos...?

Carlos reaches out futilely as Junpei walks away.


And Carlos lets out one last gasp before his hand falls.

Well, rats.

So the Power Room does take place in the timeline where C-Team gets the antidote in the Infirmary, and all of D-Team lives through the Trash Disposal Room and drinks the antidote from C-Team. Just to the right is the Rec Room fragment, on a different branch but also taking place at 00:00. Is that a lock I see on this fragment already?

I feel silly for even asking, but where to next? We have seven new fragments still to explore, and six replays available. Including the decision we just made, of course. Select the story fragment.