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Part 48: Yellow Door

Part 48: Yellow Door

Unsurprisingly, the majority wants to check out the newly-unlocked scene in the Pod Room fragment.

What fantastic new revelations await?

Music: CQD Ward BGM 1

No recap for this scene since it's a continuation, not a jump. We can hear Gab moving through the vent, bearing Carlos's note.


Hmm, not quite the same running animation, is it?

I knew it!

Missing Lip Animations: 39

"Search the family portrait"...

Hey, where're you going!

Who are these people, I wonder?

There's something special about this?

Who was it from?

This picture must have something...

Wait, maybe this is a trap?

He could be planning to--

Zero showed them the "Carlos's Sin" scene after clearing the Pod Room, remember.

I told you to hold on a minute!

Let go! Let go of me!

Not sure what happened there, but we can see the door now.

A door... It's a door...

"Twins' Birthday"...?


Look. It's written right here.

Uhh, do we know any twins? Besides the ones in the portrait?

The twins' birthday, huh...

Okay, I'm lost. What's the big deal?

For what?

Opening this door.

But it's totally blank? There's no input screen, or confirmation device...

Yeah... No keyholes or buttons or switches either...

Well, so much for that.

Hey, what're you doing?

I'm checking Mira's body.



Can't decide if this line is creepy or not.

Music: Clarification 2nd Mix

There's something on her nails...

It looks like skin...and blood...

What's that doing there...?

It doesn't look like she has any external wounds. So that means...

This isn't Mira's blood and skin...?

Eric just sighs.

Well I'd thought up until now that Mira had been killed while she was asleep. After she'd been injected with the anesthetic. But if she put up a resistance...

Another data point for the mystery here, I guess.

Suddenly, the TV comes on...

I'd kind of forgotten about the time limit, honestly.

You bastard!

Hopefully someone can get the yellow door hint from the morphogenetic field, then.

Falling sounds before a shot can be fired.

Fade to static...

Fragment complete!

That's it -- no new unlocks. But I guess if we come across a yellow door later, we'll have a hint at how to open it? We still have 12 options to work our way through, so where to next? Select the story fragment.


The name of the scene where the X-Passes didn't work.

The name of the scene where Carlos sent the note to Q-Team.

And the fourth Gabletter.