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Part 50: Radical-6 (2 of 2)

Part 50: Radical-6 (2 of 2)

It's not as exciting as Akane with a chainsaw, but here's a full video for this update. So you can hear Zero and the members of Q-Team for yourselves.

Music: Dcom (The Beginning)

A TV turns on somewhere.

An unfortunate creature...


I guess it was the computer monitor.

Seventeen years ago a woman died, her chest carved open with a sharp object.

Gee, I wonder who could've done that?

Just like that pig there...

Her heart was still beating as the organ was crudely carved out of her.

I'm kind of disappointed we did the Study so early. The reveal would've been much more interesting after all of these hints. Though they're not very subtle.

A male suspect was quickly caught. He must've planned to escape via taxi, as he called one before his capture. The police arrested him before he was able to utilize the waiting vehicle to flee the scene.

There's the cover shot for the fragment.

Instead, a genius surgeon climbed inside. He was heading to the hospital, a seriously ill patient awaiting his arrival for live-saving treatment.

However, the taxi got into an accident before reaching its destination. It collided with a large truck. The resulting wreck was horrendous.

As well as the young boy waiting for surgery.

Life is truly unfair. Don't you think?

Hey, he said it different this time. Talk about unfair.

Probably doesn't mean anything.


The rules are as follows.

The pig's stomach you cut open contained three syringes. Each of them is filled with a specific virus called Radical-6.

Whelp, here we go.

This virus is special. It awakens a desire to kill oneself, among other things. Once infected, symptoms appear as early as 10 minutes, or take up to 2 hours, and the host soon finds the urge to commit suicide irresistable.

Random shots of the room during that last speech.

Eric gasps in fear or something.

Transmitted through liquids, it's highly contagious.

Oh yes, I believe you located a set of documents during your search of this room.

A set of files on FBR - the Fanatic Bio R virus. The mortality rate of this virus is 100%. Infection results in blood erupting from your body, then death.

An antagonistic relationship exists between Radical-6 and FBR.

If you were to be infected by Radical-6, it would be canceled out with the addition of FBR, and you are unaffected. Conversely, injecting Radical-6 into you after becoming infected with FBR will cause them to destroy each other, and leave no adverse effects on you.

Seems a little strange, but okay.

Now, here's an important piece of information for you.

That statement isn't really all that surprising at this point.

Pay no attention to the arrows in the lower-right, I had to re-grab this screenshot later after I got the wrong frame.

I would have made sure to coat FBR on the fingerprint authentication device for you. Meaning you'd already be infected with the Fanatic Bio R virus.

That device over there...?

Oh, I do remember feeling something when I touched it. Like a prick.

So we were all stabbed by a poisoned needle?!

On the other hand, if I saw that you were not going to inject yourselves with Radical-6, then I would be sure to leave the needle clean. That way you would not become infected with Fanatic Bio R.

Sounds like we're in the clear either way. Either we inject and both viruses cancel out, or we don't inject and don't get either one.

I'll say it once more.

If all of you plan to inject yourselves with Radical-6, you already have FBR. If you are not going to inject yourselves, then you are not infected right now. Which means, in either case--

Not our typical decision to make here. We're fine either way, so what's the point? And with no sense of danger, there's no buildup of morphogenetic shenanigans, either.

There's no reason for you to worry about the situation.

What will you do now? Inject yourselves with Radical-6...or refrain?

It would be best to consider carefully.

And with that, the monitor shuts off.

Well, I mean, not choosing is itself a choice.

Pretty big "if" there. But has Zero lied to us yet?

If we inject ourselves with this Radical-6, we're already infected with FBR, so they'd destroy each other and we're fine.


Well, if you think about it, the likelihood that he's lying is incredibly high.

Aww, now you've gone and upset Eric again.

Here come the heartbeats.

Music: Tough Decision (Make Your Choice)

Well, then, what will we do?