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Part 56: Don't Run

Part 56: Don't Run

Running gets us six billion dead and the events of VLR. What does not running get us?

Back to "The Bomb"...

Still one of my favorite lines so I just wanted to stop and admire it again.

Music: Bereavement

Apparently "don't run" means "zap Sigma with the stun gun so he can't interfere"?

Phi, I have a request.

Take Sigma to the surface.

I can't--

Give Diana a non-lethal weapon and she gets a little trigger-happy.

Music: Strain 2nd Mix

I have to hurry!

Diana's voice is all muffled from being in the suit.

How much time is left?


Well, at least Radical-6 wasn't released?

And another completed fragment...

Back to Team Select. Down to ten options - five new fragments, and five replays. Select the story fragment.