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Part 60: D-Team Executed

Part 60: D-Team Executed

The thread has a taste for blood. Or just wants to get all the replays out of the way. Either one, really.

Time to flip Q-Team's vote to D-Team. Of course, if I do that right away, nothing will actually change. Q-Team will still be executed based on C-Team and D-Team's last recorded votes being for Q-Team. In fact it's easy to get stuck at this part of the game, with all three Execution fragments completed, but not all of the scenes unlocked, because the game remembers the last decision made for each of these fragments and acts accordingly. So before I started I replayed the C-Team Execution fragment again to change their vote back to D-Team. Thus when we switch Q-Team's vote to D-Team, we'll end up with two votes for D-Team.

Music: Bereavement

Missing Lip Animations: 46

If Carlos voted for D-Team like he said he would in the note...!

Maybe that was the result he was going for.

He wanted to kill the three in D-Team...


The note Gab brought could've been a trap from C-Team...


If it really was a trap, there still isn't a solid reason to go against what it says in the note.

Because regardless, as long as Diana doesn't flip on us, we may be screwed anyway.

Missing Lip Animations: 47

If you have already seen Mira's reveal in the Study fragment, you can understand that Mira is not actually arguing against the vote, just arguing against trying to justify it. She's perfectly fine with killing D-Team.

Everything else plays out the same from here, including the reaction shots.

I suppose Q-Team is justified in their vote as a matter of revenge, since they got executed first.

Music: Consternation 2nd Mix

Diana! Diana!

Diana slowly opens her eyes.

Phi... Where...are we?

I think it's the Healing Room.

No idea.

Let's take them off!

We can't. There's no hole for a key.

But...there must be a way!

And now for the voting results. The team who received two you. D-Team.

As such, according to the rules, D-Team will be executed.


Damn it...!


Maybe it was a last-minute decision. Maybe someone made them do it. Like us.

Something nonsensical, illogical maybe...

You're trying hard. Who was it who decided to kill all of you...? In a way, they are the true culprit.

Is he referring to Q-Team?

The flailing to try and get the collar off begins.


May you rest in peace. Plaudite, acta est fabula.

Applaud, the story is done. (Or, "the play is over", "the act is finished", etc.)

Flashing and beeping from the collars.


A white flash, an explosion, and many splashing sounds.

Did they shift out? I like to think they did.

And another fragment complete!

Another lit up icon on the global flowchart, too.

Nothing new unlocked yet, though. One replay left. Select the story fragment.


Just the one file, for the Latin phrase we just heard.