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Part 64: Incorrect (2)

Part 64: Incorrect (2)

Sure, let's see how we fare if we don't find the mask.

I'm stubborn so I pick locker "2" again.

This time we have the option to switch to locker "5" instead. But we're going to stick with our original choice.


No luck.



Carlos yells and starts kicking the closed locker.

It's no use...


It's just how the pieces fall...

Looks like we're outta luck...

Carlos falls to his knees, defiant to the end.

If only I could've heard your voice one last time...

But it seems like...

Junpei falls.

Forgive me... Sorry...I couldn't save you...

And with that, Carlos collapses, too.

The carbon dioxide extinguisher continues to spew its poison, unconcerned with what goes on below.

Sorry, C-Team. You weren't horrible this fragment, you deserved better.

Music: Sacrificial Demise (Demise 2nd Mix)

We're not quite done yet. Since Akane didn't escape, now Diana and Sigma are free to do so. We don't really know what they went through, though.

Um, are you sure...

You're taking the word of that announcer earlier?

This time we get a full shot of the scoreboard, confirming that we're in the timeline that branches off of not firing the gun in the Trash Disposal Room (same X-Passes for Q-Team and Phi). Also we see that Akane's X-Pass is HEX, which refers to the number "6" on her bracelet in 999.

It's completely rubbish. All of it.

Of course.

The door slams fully open.

All right. Let's go.


They are going to be very disappointed when they come back.

And the X-Door slams shut.

A game over on both branches, bummer. Was there a point to all that?

Other than the completed, not yet.

No unlocks, so we have the same options remaining as before. Select the story fragment.


We again didn't discuss the Monty Hall problem at all in-game. However if you stick to your original choice, the game explains it for you in the files.

'Monty Hall Problem (1)' posted:

A probability puzzle based off of a TV game show hosted by Monty Hall that is strongly divisive among scholars. The problem is as follows:

Three doors are before you -- one hides a prize behind it while the other two hide goats. The door with the prize is random, and only known by Monty.

Monty asks, "Which one of the three doors will you open?" You then pick a door, but it remains closed.

One of the two remaining doors is opened, revealing a goat. It's possible both doors contain a goat and you picked the door with the prize.

But then Monty asks, "Now there are only two closed doors. Which one do you choose? Will you change your mind, or stay with your first choice?" How should you answer?

'Monty Hall Problem (2)' posted:

You'd think, "There's no way to know which is right, but the chances are 2 to 1. The probability for either door is the same." However...

The question will be answered in the game.

*The gas mask's location is completely random. Therefore, using probability to choose the correct locker may still result in getting the wrong one simply because of bad luck.

While I appreciate the note that you can still be wrong by choosing correctly, they forgot to actually answer the question in the game. Unless the question is answered by simply finding the mask when we switched? Oh well, I think we've discussed it to death, anyway. The short explanation for those who skipped the discussion -

Our original choice had a 10% chance of being right, and no amount of opening other lockers changes that. Therefore the remaining locker, which is not randomly selected (only known empty lockers are opened) and thus not subject to independent probability, must have a corresponding 90% chance of containing the mask. If that doesn't make sense...well there were a couple pages of discussion on it back in the thread, and plenty of more information available on the internet.