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Part 66: Don't Transport, Transport

Part 66: Don't Transport, Transport

I know you want to transport, and we will.

But both options are short, so I'm going to show both. You'll see why at the end.

Music: Strain 2nd Mix

Diana screams as she runs.

There's a crash, and the screen turns white.

Guess Sigma isn't transporting, either.

A trap...?

Don't you think so?! Zero's the one who made us start this thing!

No worries of that now, I guess.

Uh, it seems to be getting worse.

Some kind of high-pitched machine sounds going on here.

Pretty sure we should get out of here...

Let's go, Diana!

The screen stays white for a solid eight seconds before the music starts again.

Music: Sinisterness Phase 2

I guess they're fine?

Well, relatively fine. It's past time for them to go to sleep.

Sigma, it's after 01:30...

You're not surprised? We didn't get injected with the drugs...

No. I remembered the announcement from earlier...

The game's already over so...

Yeah, concluded means no more injections. Just a lifetime locked in the shelter.

It'll be fine. Akane will come back.

I wonder...?

And thus they were trapped in there forever.

But that's not what we're here to see. We want to transport!

Music: Mischievousness (Consternation Remix)

Diana nods. She's all-in this time.

Sigma also nods. Let's do this!

Lever pulled!

The input pods open up; they appear to be glowing inside?

Climbing into the input pods is way too complicated to animate.

The pod doors close on our duo.

The glow intensifies, and a strange tone is emitted.

Sparkles fly off to some other timeline or something.

The sound becomes more high-pitched, like a machine that's straining.

More particle effects as the sound of someone whipping a stick through the air is heard.

The lights and noises get faster and we flash to white.

Did it work?

Well, that depens on your point of view. We're locked into two options. It's just like Zero said, we're making a copy, not teleporting.

So are we the ones who were transported?

Or are we the ones who were left behind?

The rest of the timeline is dark; these are our only two options. Thus why I wanted to get the "Don't Transport" scene out of the way first. Anyway, we can stay in the Transporter Room, or see what awaits us in the new fragment, which appears to be the Locker Room? (And is that the Yellow Door I see?) Select the story fragment.