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Part 72: Into Virtual Space

Part 72: Into Virtual Space

Buttons are irresistible. Everyone knows that.

So, we press the button.

Music: Aftermath (Decontamination Room)

[Computer Lady:] Beginning transfer of program "Sean 729" to virtual space.

I wonder if the number 729 has special meaning somehow?

Edit: Apparently it does, thanks to Quackles for pointing it out!

Quackles posted:

It sure does! The simplest way to put it would be...

729 = 9*9*9

Zero II loves his references, I see.

999, you say...

The lights keep going dark and back to bright here.

This sequence reminds me a lot of using the transporter for some reason. Anyway, fade to white...

Back at Team Select. Hm.

We're not actually railroaded into doing anything in particular here, but I'm not going to pretend that we don't want to immediately see what happened.

I was not expecting an essentially random choice between two identical and unidentifiable options, however. No point in having a vote here, guess I'll just pick one at random.

Well, coin flip said to go right, so we'll go right.

Music: Nostalgic Scenery

Looks like we're still in the Quantum Computer Dome.

Why is it that I'm still on this side...? In that virtual space, I'm, well, an identical version of me, is living out a great, happy life... Why am I here...

So books were his only friends.

He was extraordinarily gifted.

His ability was highly regarded by his elder, so in exchange for new books every day, the boy would share his academic knowledge.

Is this whole game just revenge for original Sean's coincidental death? It really was the snail's fault...

He never laid blame. He simply, quietly accepted his fate. He did not despair. Giving up on his life did not mean he gave up on his dreams.

What are you talking about...

The universe.

Let's suppose there's someone, somewhere, who can fully operate that program.

Traverse...the universe...?

Well that sounds important. One sec.

I missed writing that down the first time so I replayed the scene again so I could write it down. The memo function isn't accessible from Team Select. Neither are the files which is why I miss them half the time.

Music: Sacrificial Demise (Demise 2nd Mix)

A time will come when it will be handy.

Zero slowly walks away.

Might as well give it a shot. How does he know what's there to be able to input the number though?

The game inputs it for us, this time.

There's a sound of either gasses being released or some kind of small motor moving.

No... No...

Why would the code do that?!

Sean screams. I'm not sure if it's coming from the head or the body. You know what, never mind.

While I'm sure that code will be useful later, that scene was frankly rather disturbing. I know he's "just" a robot avatar and all, but still. Made me uncomfortable the first time I saw it in a way that the "Six Bodies" scene after the Locker Room didn't.

We're back at Team Select, but I'm not going to bother asking for a vote.

We'll dive right into the other two time.


Just one file, that was probably available last update but I forgot to check.