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Part 73: Virtual Life

Part 73: Virtual Life

First thing I'm going to get out of the way is what happens if we don't press the button.

Music: Glacial Solitude

I just want you to end it.

Then, farewell.

Gab whines at Sean to get up. But he's not going to get up, is he?

Well, that one sucked. This scene is called "Complete Death".

Instead, let's see what virtual reality is like. (I actually recorded this one first, but felt it was better to present the short game over first.)

Music: Reminiscence

I would assume that Sean is a regular kid without a big round metal sphere for a head in here, but I'll continue using the same icon for his dialogue anyway.


[Sean's Mom:] Oh... Oh my God! Sean! You're awake!

Where am I... What am...

[Sean's Mom:] Your surgery was a success! Your illness is completely gone now!


[Sean's Dad:] I'm so proud of you, Sean.


[Sean's Dad:] What's the matter...?

[Sean's Mom:] You look a little out of it... You all right?

Oh, um... I think I must've had a really bad dream...

[Sean's Mom:] Anyway, what do you want to eat when you get out?

[Sean's Dad:] Yeah, we gotta start planning where you want to visit too!


[Sean's Dad:] Congrats on getting released, son!


[Sean's Mom:] Food's ready! Make sure to eat up! I made sure to make all of your favorites today.

Wow! Your meat pie! And mash potatoes, peanut butter, and celery sticks! Yay!

[Sean's Dad:] Hey now, don't think that's it!

There's a sound of something being unwrapped and opened.

Ahh! Oh my gosh! The game system I always wanted! And all the books I've ever wanted to read!

[Sean's Dad:] You fought really hard against your illness so you deserve a reward.

Dad, Mom, thank you so much!

I've overcome my illness, and I'm going to school now. I have a whole bunch of friends, and I can read all the books I want at the library. I need to study super hard to catch up on all I missed while I was in the hospital. Dad and Mom tell me they love me all the time. Every day is fun. I gotta be the world's happiest kid!

Not a true ending, but a nice little pick-me-up after all the depressing content lately. If it weren't for C-Team and D-Team and Eric all dying and the serial killer being the only one to escape, this timeline wouldn't be so bad. Oh well.

Another fragment complete. Not too many left now!

Just a couple of options. Go see what's going on in the Transporter Room after Diana figured out that we're all in the same ward, at different times, and how to stop the bracelets? Or check out one of the "Force Quit" fragments? Select the story fragment.


We have another new name to try out in our various name-entry decisions.

Nothing interesting in the Pantry. If you already know Sean's name, you just get told that it's probably not him. If you didn't already know Sean's name but for some reason entered it here anyway, you'd probably be pretty confused.

Entering "Sean" in the Pod Room is slightly more interesting.

Eric gives the same response as if we had entered "Me", implying he knew Sean's name the whole time.

Unfortunately entering "Sean" in the Study just gives a generic "Error" message, not even the same "You cannot commit suicide" that you get by entering "Me" there. So not quite as revealing as the last new name we learned.