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Part 76: Perceptive End

Part 76: Perceptive End

Remember how we shot Delta in the Study? Well, now we can see the rest of the scene...

I'm really sorry...

There's a sound like someone's dying, and then a crash...

Music: Sacrificial Demise (Demise 2nd Mix)

Sean, you...

Out of all your choices, you kill him...

[Delta?:] Audentum Forsque Venusque iuvat... This is yet...another...destiny...

Not a true ending, more of a little bonus for figuring out the big secret. The two spoilers I didn't want to show earlier:
  1. Eric addressing Sean by name
  2. Delta spouting Latin phrases like a certain villain
The first one we saw a couple updates ago. The second one we had the dots pretty much forcibly connected for us last update.

Anyway, that's another fragment complete!

The scene is called "Shoot Delta", appropriately enough.

Next up: The showdown in the Transporter Room!


We got a file for the last Latin phrase, too!