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Part 81: Force Quit: D

Part 81: Force Quit: D

We know what the deal here is by now, let's jump in.

Music: Placidity 2nd Mix

This animation also looks familiar. It's not the same as when they're about to be acidified in the Decontamination Room, though.

Once again, computer lady chimes in right away.

First Phi line in about...22 updates? Wow, it's been awhile. That's a quarter of the game with Phi on the sidelines.


Our memories end after we voted at 13:30.

Hey look! The box...!


The Force Quit Box!

Oh looks, it's open again. Or still.

Music: Consternation 2nd Mix

Why is it open...

No idea...

There's text displayed on the monitor.

[Force Quit program on standby. To initiate, two key items must be set.] How about that...

[Each is a mother's memento]...?

Diana, does any of that ring a bell for you...?

Diana cries out and falls.

Hey, what's wrong?!

My head... My head...

Brief morphogentic flash of white as Diana is struck with memories. Horrible, horrible memories.

Did you remember something?!

But if that's true... Then the key items we need to insert are...

Heartbeats. Those shapes in the lower corners do look somewhat familiar...

Music: Tough Decision (Make Your Choice)

Do we know the answers here? Well let's see what happens if we don't, anyway.

Music: Clarification 2nd Mix

Huh. I wonder why I...?

We get dumped back to Team Select as usual. Trying again requires re-entering the fragment.

...Unless we've seen the Twins End, of course. Then we get a flashback showing us the mementos in question.

First for Phi...

Then for Delta...

With one final hint...

We're forced back into the decision screen.

Got several variations on these, but here are the correct answers. I much prefer this lock (and the yellow door one) to the ones that are just "Zero told us a code somewhere, and we put it in here". It's a little open-ended but the fixed text width helps get the answers into the right form.

We jump right into the flashback sequence here. Like the other teams' versions, we have a little bit of everything.
D-Team gets the same five puzzle rooms as C-Team, but two fewer overall fragments. Mostly due to C-Team needing extra fragments for all that SHIFTing around they've been doing...

Music: Blue Bird Lamentation 2nd Mix

Missing Lip Animations: 68

Hold on this shot for several seconds...


Sigma and Phi seem to receive some morphogenetic insight...

Diana, you're...

We haven't actually gotten confirmation that this Phi is the grown-up version of the baby we made in the Transporter Room, but that seems like a pretty clear sign.

Sigma walks over to join his family.

This is enough for now...

Diana continue to cry tears of...well, probably a complicated mix of emotions, actually.

Yeah, that's actually it for that fragment. The shortest of the three, by far. And nothing strange going on, either. We didn't even actually put the mementos into the box. A side effect of D-Team being chronologically last, I'm sure.

However, by completing all three Force Quit fragments, we've now unlocked the last fragment.

This final fragment is actually shared by all three teams. Everything is now unlocked. So next time we'll get to see...the Final Decision.