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by Scintilla

Part 27: Alternate Path Setup

Second Playthrough – Setup

I had some free time over the past week or so, so I decided to do a quick mini-update showing how to get onto the alternate story path. Last time we finished the first main story path of Zone of the Enders: Fist of Mars. It was a pretty interesting ride, and after a long hard slog everyone earned their happy endings.


What if things had happened differently? There were a lot of variables that needed to turn out positively to allow the cast to achieve what they did. What if one tiny piece of the puzzle was never uncovered? The story might take a very different turn.

Let’s cast our minds back to the eleventh mission of the game, where BIS is competing against the Mars Angels to see who can take out the most unmanned enemies. What would have happened, I wonder, if we had failed to kill more than them?


: Digi, when were we competing?

: Hm? What do you mean? Oh, I guess I got carried away again as usual…

:…My channelling abilities are telling me that we have overstayed our visit.

: Mmm-hmm.

:…It’s unfortunate. You were so close to attracting good luck…

: Huh? What does that mean?

: Heh heh…you’ll see soon enough…

: We are the ‘Mars Angels’ of the Red Planet…We look forward to seeing you again somewhere. Until then…ta-ta!

The Mars Angels retreat – without giving us the crucial second version of the Bonaparte logs we needed to indict Zephyrs in the first playthrough.

From here on everything is the same up until the fourteenth mission of the game; Deckson decides to publicize the logs BIS do have using Yukito’s father’s broadcasting company. Mebius is captured, Bolozof uses her as a hostage to force BIS to surrender, then Twede releases everyone whilst Myona proceeds with the broadcast. All well and good…until Zephyrs is put on the phone line to debate with Myona at the studio.

Music: Tragedy

: Thank you!

: We meet again, Myona. Or what name do you go by now?

: It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Zephyrs. I don’t know who you are confusing me with, but I am Myona Alderan. Nobody else.

: Well excuse me. And what kind of evidence are you going to show us today? Did you find something within those records?

:…unscheduled crash landing on Mars. There were survivors from this accident. But you got rid of them and hid the very cause of the crash. This is because the Black Frame is the result of your demented experimentation…am I right?

:…You have a very vivid imagination, young lady. But it is not such a simple affair to experiment and invent weapons in secret. Surely you have evidence to support such an accusation?

: The datalog from the Bonaparte. This is undeniable evidence of what happened at the time of the accident. One can also uncover any discrepancies between the truth and the official announcements.

: Aha. So, let’s see the data.


: Heh heh…what’s happened? Is there something wrong? Something you can’t show us?

: Why…the data has disappeared…is it a time limit virus? Did they plan this from the very beginning?!

: I don’t know. Was that all the evidence you had? Who would believe a terrorist like you with no evidence?


:…Not yet.

: Oh, really? You’ve done enough to confuse everyone. There’s nothing left for you to say.

: I AM the proof…

: What!? You little! You wouldn’t…!

: What happened?

: Somebody overrode the broadcast controls at the TV station!

: Johnny, did you do it?

: Entwined destinies…this is the best I can do.

Without the additional pressure, Irving chooses to support Zephyrs instead of caving in like he did before.

Without the unaltered logs Zephyrs is able to keep his job. This has huge ramifications for the plot.

: But…I…

: For a little while the media will be on the lookout. But I doubt that there is anyone on Mars with the power or courage to come after you.


: Still, there are those within the military who do not think highly of you. This would be an excellent time to get them on your side.

:…name! Please see the HarutMarut in action before you depart!

: Hm. Are you going to manoeuvre it? Is that such a good idea?

: It is a bold statement. However, I would like for you to recognize the fact that despite my many shortcomings, I have attempted to be the best I can be.

: Do as you like.

: (Now, who is going to act as my guinea pig? Wait a minute...they are still trying to lure me out! This could be fun. Vale…I’ll turn this around on you!)

Vale, of course, being Ares. The scene returns to the BIS members.

:…at the last minute…We weren’t able to get Zephyrs!

: But it was a good start.

: Dad…I’m sorry to have given you trouble…

: I’ve given you trouble too…you’ve been doing the right thing all along, and yet the only way I could make a public announcement was to call it a terrorist hijacking…forgive me, Tadamichi. You and your friends get out of here quickly. I’ll take care of the rest.


Music: Tension

:…re-regular LEV!

: It’s Zephyrs.

: First off, let’s get out of here!

: It’s not a bad idea to have an escape route to use whenever the time is right…

: I’ll go get Myona. Vjaya is the fastest one. Please leave it to me.

: Yeah, okay. Be careful.

:…enough time?)

The game shifts back to the battlefield outside the TV station.

Music: Uncontrollable Fear

: Zephyrs…

: Too bad about the broadcast. You should have learned by now that no matter what you little people do, you’ll never be able to touch me.

: I agree, we may have failed this time…but your sins have not been forgotten!

: Heh heh…my sins? We’ll see about that, Vale.

: It’s useless to feign ignorance, I’ve finally figured it out. You’re the reason for all of these problems. You’re the one who took control of Iblis and sank the Bonaparte. You organized all of this out of revenge!

With his reputation and pride still intact Zephyrs is a hell of a lot more coherent than he was the first time around. Amusingly he’s right on the money on all counts except for the fact that Cage is not, in fact, Vale.

: Revenge? What are you talking about?

: Never mind! Come if you must – I’ll show you what the HarutMarut can do! But first, the girl…

Zephyrs gains 10 Spirit.

After this the mission resumes with the same objective as last time – stop Zephyrs from reaching the TV station.

After destroying the unmanned fodder and beating the first stage of the HarutMarut…

:…doing?! I am here!

: I do feel hatred towards you…but it’s not my goal to fight and destroy you like this. I want you to be judged in a court for your crimes!

: You! You are not Vale! How is that possible?! Then…how are you moving?! No…I get it. You took his place! Never mind, it’s all going to be over very soon. But Vale? I will never forgive you. NEVER!!!

Zephyrs moves down to the TV station!

: I’m detecting abnormal energy readings! It is dangerous!

: He’s going to self-destruct? Oh, no! Myona!

: Go away! All the things that get in my way go up in flames! Everything! Ha ha ha!!

But then…all of a sudden…

Ares shows up! In the Ib…lis…? Huh?

: Ares? What’s that machine?

: Cage! Take Myona and run! Hurry!

: O-okay!

: (…Vale?)

: Zephyrs, it’s been too long! Now I am going to destroy you!

: Heh heh, I knew it was you…you just couldn’t stay out of the picture any more! This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for!

Uh-oh, we know what that spirally thing means…

: Ha ha! Stupid boy! You came all the way out here just to get caught. None of you can disobey me, I’ve forced it into you!

: What? What’s that supposed to mean?! Ares can’t disobey you? What?!

: Hmm, so he hasn’t told you anything, huh. You’ve merely been a pawn from the very beginning. You didn’t know that he is the sole culprit behind the sinking of the Bonaparte?

:…trouble! Stop lying! You don’t know the first thing about Ares!

: Best friend? Ha! That’s funny, kid. I haven’t heard that one in a long time. Unfortunately you’re the one who doesn’t know the first thing about Ares.

:…Vale? Is…that…you…?

: On to the real thing…

: Don’t do it!

: Cage…take care…of…Myo…na!

: Eeeeeeeek!!

An enormous explosion turns the screen white!

: Zephyrs’ frame…was it only the exterior that exploded?

: I’m okay…where’s Ares?

A buzzer goes off in Zephyrs’ cockpit.

: (Tsk! Is this the best it can do? I suppose I did hurry the attacks…Ah well.)

: You’re very lucky. But once I have you marked, there’s no getting away from me. You had better get used to that…

Zephyrs retreats.

Mission 14 ends here. Just a quick checklist of the differences so far:

1. Zephyrs keeps his position in the UNSF due to the Mars Angels never giving BIS the unaltered Bonaparte logs.
2. The reveal that Ares was behind the Bonaparte incident comes much, much sooner, whilst Ares himself is still with BIS.
3. Zephyrs, rather than Jimmer is the one who takes out Ares, who piloted the Iblis rather than the Vjaya like he did before.

The next mission shares a lot of similarities with the previous playthrough’s Mission 15, but it’s divergent enough that it makes a good starting point for the first true update of the second story path, which will be coming sometime after new year.