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Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars

by Scintilla

Part 29: Episode 16 - Paradise Lost

Chapter Sixteen: Paradise Lost

Music: Intermission

Welcome back. If you cast your mind back to the previous playthrough you’ll remember that this was the mission where the armed civilians attacked our home base, and where we first encountered the stealth emitters. Like the previous mission this one is very similar to its counterpart but contains subtle differences that will eventually cause the plot to take a different turn.

:…innocent lives.

: This place is sure to become more peaceful because of your actions. You should have more confidence.

: Absolutely! What’s the hurry? Let’s take time to establish our goals. I have faith that you’ll be able to do it…

An explosion rocks BIS HQ, and alarms begin to sound in the background!

Music: Danger


: Our radar has been damaged!

: A coincidence? If it is, they have some serious good luck…

:…Luck is a prerequisite for military personnel.

Another detonation thunders through the facility.

: On the battlefield, there’s no such thing as two coincidences. What is going on? Did someone get hold of the blueprints to our hideout?

The communicator buzzes to life…

:…and inappropriate, aimed to cause havoc in the political field and endangering the peace and safety of Mars! This kind of behaviour will no longer be tolerated! Disengage your weapons and hand yourselves over! Otherwise we will turn your base of operations into a smoking hole in the ground!

: How did they know where to find us? Don’t tell me…it was Robin…

The army continues to shell the base.

:…when we can’t get in touch with Robin…?

: What is all this about? Why do we have to be attacked by these people?

: Cage…

: We don’t have time for this now! Grow up and stop whining! They’re serious and we have to think of what we’re going to do!

:…And since when did you become the leader of this group?

: Cage…

: Nobody told me that!

: That’s true. Because you were in your room, trying to escape from reality. It really doesn’t concern me whether you like it or not. But you are a member of BIS. What good will it do for you to complain about it now? We are going to think of the best way to handle the situation, then act accordingly. That’s the…


:…Testament…is gone…

: What…what do you mean?

: It disappeared from the hangar bay…along with Myona.

:…happened?! How could this happen?!


: I get it…you’re in on it!!

As we have already seen, Phil really isn’t in on it this time.

: Cut it out!

Razma thumps Cage.

: Yeah, that’s right. You need to wake up and get out of la-la land! We understand that this comes as a shock – I’m tired of all this too.



: Hey, enough already! What we really gotta do’s figure out what we’re gonna do ‘bout them peeps outside.

: True. Let’s get moving, everybody.

: The button I lent her…

: (Myona…did you really leave because you wanted to? Why? Is it because of me…?)

This should read, ‘Paradise Lost’.

Music: Sortie


As before Cage will be piloting the Edge for this mission.


: (Poor thing…he’s in bad shape…)

: Hey, where are they? Nobody’s out here!

: Stealth warfare! This could be dangerous…

:…nothing we can do!

:…installed an anti-stealth sonar onto everyone’s frame.

: It’s already installed?!

: In the OF’s. It’s built into the options module, so it’s ready to go.

: Unfortunately, it’s impossible to render the stealth systems completely powerless. You can, however, find its origin if you get close enough. Here, I’ll show you. I’d say…they’re somewhere…around here!

Yukito moves down into the ruined city like before, and…

: How is that possible? Did they anticipate our strategy?

These guys appear. This time we’re being attacked by Acemos instead of armed rebels; presumably the stealth system was developed by Zephyrs instead of handed out by BAHRAM.

: Like so.

:…for them to come to you, then surround and attack! Don’t move an inch until then!

: Okay everyone, the last one looks to be the leader. They’re trained military, but they’re amateurs when it comes to stealth operations. If we get the leader then the rest of them will surely flee. Their plan is to wait for us to approach, so proceed with caution and destroy them. Let’s go!

: You ready, Cage?


Player Phase Music: Sortie
Enemy Phase Music: Sudden Assault

Mission Map:

This mission is exactly the same as before without even different enemy placements to liven things up a bit. We’re facing Acemos instead of the rioters so you’d assume they’d be tougher to beat, but hilariously the soldiers are actually two levels lower than the armed civilians would have been.

Anyway, let’s quickly get this over with.

Yukito gives one enemy a good kicking whilst everyone else moves up to support him. I’m not going to let Yukito do all the work this time.

Both Yukito and Razma are targeted, but both evade successfully.

Warren and Phil take out the Machinegun LEV, then Razma snipes and kills the damaged Beam Gun LEV.

After regrouping and starting the long march west towards the enemy leader four more enemies pop up.

Yukito and Semyl take down the first, Warren and Mebius the second.

On the AI’s turn Cage takes a hit from a Beam Gun, but Razma proves to be more competent and evades.

Yukito and Razma take out the northern enemy whilst Warren and Mebius destroy the southern one.

These three jokers show up when we get close to the leader.

Semyl gets shot at but manages to dodge.

Razma and Phil take out the first LEV. Cage and Semyl destroy the second, then the leader decides to get dangerous.

:…off your stealth, and do whatever it takes to destroy them!

Five or six more enemies spawn in all around the map.

It’s Twede! And this time he’ll be our Vjaya pilot.

: Mr. Twede! You can pilot one of these?

:…You have been able to procure anti-stealth devices. The devices I had prepared will go to waste, but that is all right. Please allow me to lend a hand. I await your command.

Twede isn’t as good a pilot as Nadia, but he’ll do.

He immediately helps Warren take down the remaining on-screen generic enemy, leaving only the leader and six other enemies to the south.

Razma takes a hit from a Beam Gun, but the damage isn’t too bad. The other enemies creep forwards as well.

Courtesy of Semyl and Mebius.

Courtesy of Razma.

The next Beam Gun attack is less accurate and Razma is able to dodge.

I accidentally leave Warren in the firing line and he takes a hit, though not a bad one.

Razma’s luck falters when another LEV takes a piece out of him with a Laser Saber.

Retribution is swift. Now all that’s left is the boss.

He’s nothing to write home about.


: Oh yeah…Pharsti’s not here any more…

The scene fades out, and another new scene plays…

:…me indirectly a fellow terrorist.

: (Deckson, you can’t die here. I would be too bored without you…and I will have to ask you to look after her eventually…she will not be with me forever…)


:…interesting things when you live a long time…

: *Gasp* You’re alive!!

: Heh heh heh…

: Aaah!

: Ugggg! This is the end…Deckson…Na…dia…

Oh. Oh dear. It seems that somehow Bolozof has pulled a Kira Yamato and survived his mech literally exploding in his face. This can’t be good. The next scene takes us back to BIS HQ.

Music: Sadness


:…I cannot disclose that information. All I can tell you is that this will be our last show of support as the Robin Foundation.

: What?!

: As I said, I cannot disclose any further information. But please do not worry. I will see to it personally that you can make a safe escape.


:…away…and fast.

:…True. There’s no guarantee that we’ll win next time, especially with the one extra load we’re carrying now.

: Are you talking about…me?

: What?!

:…It’s true.

: Twede, even you…?

:…I have been watching you since the first riot. At this point, even I have more skill than you do.

: Cage…

: Ares died…and Myona probably left because she was sick of me. And even Pharsti…

:…only stayed because Mr. Deckson asked me for my help…

:…Yeah. Hurry up and get out of here.

: Razma!!

:…you for everything.

:…You can just do that?

: Yes.

:…no reason to…

: I have already spoken to some people about this. Arrangements are being made.

:…Good thinking.

: Cage.


: I don’t know how you plan on spending the rest of your life, but whatever happens, don’t blame it on anyone else. Think for yourself, and act for yourself. If you take responsibility for your own life, you’ll become stronger.

: I can’t do that. Nobody needs me anymore. I won’t do it.


And that’s that.

Uh…not much to say here. Cage leaves BIS like he did before. Next mission he’ll be coming back, and this time the mission difference will be pretty visible right from the start since the boss enemy is different. Until next time...