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Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars

by Scintilla

Part 32: Episode 19 - Waves

Chapter Nineteen: Waves

Music: Intermission

Hello again. Last time we prevented a train from running over some bombs planted by the armed civilian faction, only for Ares to show up and destroy the train anyway. As was the case in the previous route, Ares’ next plan is to level West Hellas, and stopping him means travelling to the Oxygen Plant on the Martian Sea.

Music: Every Day

: About what Ms. Nadia said earlier…

: Yes, that Frazer is dead. She said that, didn’t she?

: Well, is he? Frazer is that gentleman who saved Nadia, the one from the Security Forces, right?

: Yes. He…Frazer is alive. Here is the proof.

: Nothing so complex. It is a child’s game.

: Oh, this is written on the trunk containing the anti-stealth chip! So he was the one who gave us the anti-stealth?

: That’s right. This is a little game that Frazer and I used to play as children. This code only makes sense to the two of us.

: You can read this?

:…it says. Because of the limited number of characters, he wasn’t able to give a detailed explanation of what happened, but it is clear that he is alive.

: Until now he was your sworn enemy, but he has gone out of his way to help you…and you two have a secret code from childhood…

: What is there between you two?

:…I will explain everything at a later time.

: Yes. That is why I am in the midst of planning right now…what the best way would be.

:…Am I correct in assuming that from the way you’ve been talking, you’re not going to tell me any more?

: Heh heh heh…

: Well, fine. But I do think that it may be a good idea to start thinking about your habit of keeping everything to yourself.


: What’s gotten into you?

: I was a military officer on the Earth side. I was a foolish man who neglected his wife and children for his work…

: Oh no, not this again. It’s not very manly to be lamenting like that forever.

: Deckson…

: I had a dream…

: A dream?

: Yes, of all those I've hurt in the past...They all taunt me. ‘Do you think you're doing the right thing?’ ‘Are you sure you've made the right decision this time?’ All I've done is got all of you involved, and placed you in the midst of danger every day. That's it. And I used to think that was the right thing to do. But when all is said and done, I know that I am only forcing everyone to walk down the same path I’ve walked. I took away their peaceful lives and made them join my crusade for an intangible ideal…

: We haven’t even been able to prevent strife between our fellow Martians. Was I doing the right thing? That’s what my dream is asking me…Are you disappointed? I’ve lost my confidence, and tried to run from reality by giving Cage the autonomy to make this important decision. Heh heh…it’s truly pathetic.

Deckson’s speech here is similar to the one he gave in the other route, but it’s to Robin rather than Mebius and is quite a bit longer. Instead of being broken up over Phil’s betrayal Deckson is worried that his leadership and charisma has been making things worse for both Mars and the other members of BIS, who he feels have been caught up in his tailwind. Of course we know that’s not true but it’s a very human worry and gives Deckson some added depth as a character.

:…delving too deeply into their ideals. It’s because of you that everyone else has been able to fight until today. We’ve offered our lives to you. I am one of the people who has put all their trust in you.


: Deckson, you are doing a good thing. For everyone here, and for Mars.

:…Thank you. But I must still apologize to you. Will you hear my confession…Ms. Dana Anderson of NUT Intelligence, Section 8?


:…When did you find out?

: I have been watching you for a while now. If you had been planning to use us for NUT’s benefit, I had planned to take what we could from you and run. But you were different.

: But there is no difference in how I’ve used your data for research purposes. Even now, when I have realised the error of my ways, I am a hypocritical coward who has not been able to tell you.

:…life. Isn’t that the case?

: It’s the only thing I’m capable of doing. Even that whole TV Station incident was because of Twede…

: But we are still here.

:…Can you forgive me?

:…for not being able to do as much for you as you have done for us.

: Thank you. You must be scared, but you still have the strength to forgive. I’m sure that you can lead everyone in the right direction. I guarantee it! But you don’t trust me anyway, do you?

: Heh heh…Of course I do.

: Great. Now that’s over and done with, I will continue to help in any way I can. You will continue to lead everyone as you always have. Discussion closed. There is no other choice, with the situation growing worse every day.

: I have procured a budget just for you, a significant amount. There is a reason I was able to pull that off.

: Which would be?

Before Robin can elaborate the door to Deckson’s room opens.

: Deckson, we’ll talk about this later.

: Certainly.

Robin leaves.


: Er…yes. Cage has reached a decision, and everyone has gathered to hear it.

: Okay, good.


The scene switches to the bridge.

: Yes.

: Well, tell us what you think.

: I am not a Martian. But having fought together with all of you until today, I've had a lot of experiences, and I've seen many things. I've changed my attitude toward Mars from 'a person who doesn't know much about Mars' to 'a friend who cares about Mars.' I think that we should stop him...We should stop Ares.

:… only get worse. I want to hear the reason behind your decision, which will put you in danger.

: Just as he said, humans on Mars are going through a lot of suffering right now...and I think that something needs to be done about it, just like everyone else. Ares suggested a revolution as a solution. I can't think of a better way to go about things, so I may be in no position to go against him. But I feel a real emptiness when he mentions Mars' future. Something's very unnatural about the whole thing - Ares' eyes; the progression of events up to today. I will stop Ares. And one day I want to hear how Ares really feels, with his own words. It may be my selfishness, but I can't hand Pharsti over so that hordes of people will be burned, especially when nothing has been cleared up...This is the reason for my decision.

: I see. You do have your personal reasons, but that is not all. We will support your decision. Any problems?

: Razma! What you sayin’?

: Cage, from now on, let’s be frank and talk man-to-man! How do you feel about Myona, honestly?

: Wuh? Hunnh?!

: Heeey, that’s true! We can’t be helpin’ you out if you ain’t gonna give up the goods!

: It’s decided! True or false, he said they have Myona. And Cage said he can’t tell us right now. So I guess that leaves us with only one choice; go over there, find Myona, and give Cage the opportunity to ask her out.

: (Ask her out…? I wonder what Robin and Deckson were talking about…)

: What does that have to do with anything?!

: It’s not a bad thing to be motivated by people you care about. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, either…at least not in this crew.

: Miss Myona mentioned something about being a ‘test subject’. Like Mr. Ares, she has a certain skill useful in battle…or at least, we can assume that she does. If that is the case, she is the biggest victim of all! We cannot allow that to happen! We must help her!

: Why are you getting so excited?

: Er…no…I was only…


: Preparations are complete. However, the Saoshyant is a real antique. It will be fortunate if it arrives at its destination in one piece.

: Hm! A one-way ticket? Perfect. I don’t know what Ares is planning, but we cannot allow this sort of random terrorism.

: But pops, we aren’t the jury for justice. Let’s not forget that.

: Maybe we are only posing as good people. But is HE good? That’s not it either. We can’t let Ares go on like that!

: All those people were burned alive by that light, not even knowing what was going on…We can’t let it happen again!

: Okay then, time for departure. Semyl, you give the cue.

: Hunh? Why’s it gotta be me?

: We thought it’d boost everyone’s energy if you were to do it.

: Give us a good one!

: Huh? Oh, yeah…Er…Ahem! All right! Here goesssss!!

: Destination: Oxygen Plant on the Hellas Sea! BIS Mobile Headquarters Saoshyant…LAAUUNCH!!!

The ship’s engines fire and the Saoshyant blasts off towards the Oxygen Plant. The screen fades to black, and when it returns we get a completely new scene…

Music: Black Ops

: Uuhhhh…where…am I? I am…still alive?

: Ah, Myona, you’ve come to. What were you doing in the mountains? You weren’t planning on killing yourself, were you? If you were, that is sad indeed. Being young means having your whole life ahead of you. Don’t you realise that?

: Who…are you? If you are the one who saved me, I thank you. But please, leave me alone…


: Wait, you are…!

The Mindflow chime sounds.

: Uuhhh! This…noise!

: Heh heh. This room was constructed specifically for you. It has a built-in Self-Binder system. Beautiful, isn’t it?

: But…why…?

: You and your brother. Heh heh…

: My…brother…

The screen fades out here.

This should read ‘Waves’.

Music: Wetworks

: This sea is different from the ones on Earth. It sustains only seaweed and no other life. It is merely a carbonated pool. People are trying to form another sea on this land…That is where all life came from, after all.

: We already at the sea? Whoa, that was quick! What’s with the long road stretching all the way this way?

: It’s the connecting bridge that leads to the plant area. Below us there should be thick cables and pipes.

: Saoshyant’s stealth systems have reached their limits. If they had lasted a little longer…

:…with caution.

The Saoshyant flies forwards, but is suddenly surrounded by Raptors!

: These ones aren’t within the realm of equipment available to the average civilian. They look like the frames ridden by Ares and Bolozof…

:…I knew it.

: Yes, it appears to be that way.

:…enemy is an enemy! I’ll shoot ‘em down!

: Take it easy, Mr. Razma! Our frames are not made to survive in seawater!

: Why not? Aside from the Calibur, all our LEV’s are designed to work in space, right?

: We only thought about land battles when we were building them. We can wade through rivers or shallow streams, but sea water could be detrimental.


: True. I would have liked an extra flight unit, complete with a stereo…

: There he goes again…

: All right. It’ll be all over if they get inside.

: Watch out for the OF’s! We don’t have much time, so hurry!

The game gives us control here.

Mission Map:

Player Phase Music: Wetworks
Enemy Phase Music: Impact

We’re back to the maps we’re familiar with, this time the same one from Episode 22 of the original route. The only difference is that Myona and her Nerokerubina aren’t here this time. We’re also going to the Oxygen Plant much earlier than we were in the other route. Other than that though the objective here is the same as it was before – protect the Saoshyant from the surrounding Raptors.

Razma and Deckson manage to damage the westernmost Raptor, though they fail to kill it.

Likewise Phil gets a solid hit on the southern Raptor.

Cage and Yukito nearly manage to take out their target, but the Raptor survives despite their best efforts.

Warren upholds the pattern by damaging his own opponent. On the bright side all this damage will mean more kills next turn.

Only one Raptor attacks on the AI’s turn, the rest simply try to get into a better position.

Semyl opens the action by making the first kill and gaining two levels in the process.

Mebius destroys the Raptor damaged by Razma and Deckson last turn.

Razma tenderizes his target with a grenade before Phil finishes it off.

Finally Cage blasts another enemy for decent damage and Deckson gets in another shot on the Raptor Warren fought last turn.

Razma and Warren each take a nasty hit on the enemy’s turn, giving an unwelcome reminder that Raptors are deceptively strong.

Both manage to evade follow-ups from other Raptors however, so it’s not too bad.

Our turn again and there are only five remaining enemies, but reinforcements are going to show up as soon as we kill the last one.

Deckson tosses a Beam Web at the damaged northern Raptor, obliterating it.

Meanwhile Semyl and Warren reduce his partner to scrap metal.

Yukito and Phil get in on the action as well.

There’s only one enemy left after Mebius, Razma and Cage go to town.

Said enemy achieves nothing of note on the AI’s turn.

On my turn I move half of the team east to intercept the reinforcements I know are coming.

The other half pins down the final Raptor. I’m actually rather annoyed at Yukito’s critical hit since it means I can’t farm any more experience from it.

The Raptor in question continues to hit nothing at all.

Razma executes it first thing next turn, triggering the second stage of the mission.

: For an unmanned fighter, it was too powerful. Perhaps there is a commanding unit in the surroundings…

Right on cue a Scarmiglione and five Raptors appear near the Local Server.

:…would be enough for you…But I see that you have made some improvements.

: Nadia! Sorry, but we’re here to stop Ares! We can’t allow any more innocent people to get hurt. Please move out of the way!

: Fools…what harm will wiping away those weaklings do? Nothing will change. They will die just like Frazer.

: Miss him? Hah! I have Bolozof. I merely owed Frazer a favour…and that is why I shall avenge him!

: (Something’s off…she seems different from before…)

: Cage, they are planning on attacking Saoshyant next. Please be careful!

Nadia won’t listen to reason, so our only option is to beat her down. Since I knew this was coming I’m able to arrange my units advantageously, however.

The Raptors surge forward, but as per usual tactics their haste means running right into a sucker punch.

Cage and Warren draw first blood against the new enemies.

Deckson, Phil and Mebius triple-team a second foe.

Semyl and Yukito almost succeed in scoring a third kill. Razma moves into range and then our turn ends.

Two of the remaining Raptors attack the injured Warren, but neither manages to land a hit.

The last Raptor attacks Cage but similarly fails to inflict any damage. Nadia meanwhile goes after Warren, and we get special dialogue as soon as she engages any BIS unit.

:…about Mr. Frazer either, I swear!

: You don’t know?! Fine, let me tell you a little story. About yourselves! The day Frazer disappeared…he had gone to take care of the LEV he used to save me. But…he never came back. Only a short while later I found the remains of that LEV where your hideout was…and then I saw it. I saw that the stealth component had been removed from the frame!

: You’re saying that we did that? We do have the anti-stealth. But we didn’t do that!

: Soldiers…soldiers fight; that is what they do. But if you want to live that way, how do you find the will to survive if it means sucking the blood of others? How can you call it an advancement, rather than talking about victims? I have despaired…you people have hidden your weakness in the shroud of kindness, pretended that you are decent humans, and convinced people that you are helping them. In fact, you think nothing of robbing people of life for the smallest gains…you have no courage, nor do you abide by any policies!

I’m not sure what Nadia is trying to say here, she’s rather incoherent. I assume she’s accusing BIS of dishonourably stealing the stealth chip rather than winning it with force of arms, but the wording is so awkward it’s hard to tell. It could be a translation issue, but there’s also a chance it’s due to something in-story.

: No! We didn’t do it! Nadia! Please listen to what I am saying!

: There is no need for kindness, nor any false sense of trust! I will destroy you and adorn Frazer’s grave with your heads! I will be reborn!

: Nadia…

Unfortunately we have more immediate problems to worry about.

And by that I mean Nadia nearly managing to kill Warren outright.

Phil, Razma and Deckson take out the Raptor that’s trying to sneak past and take out the Saoshyant.

Semyl shoves a few dozen missiles into another Raptor, which succumbs to its previous injuries.

Warren and Cage destroy the final Raptor, leaving only Nadia on the enemy’s side.

Unfortunately we pay a price for this as Nadia manages to slice up the Durandal II during the AI’s turn.

Cage grabs the Local Server first thing next turn before the other BIS units move in for the kill.

Yukito, Deckson and Mebius just barely manage to take Nadia down.

:…die…that is my one and only purpose…

: (Do I have to do this…?)

: But…! If we leave now…!

: Need I repeat myself? Your petty little revenge plot for an unimportant bug like Frazer is more important to you than me?

: No…I will return.

: Heh heh…good girl.

Nadia retreats after that rather ominous thought.

: Thank God, she’s retreating.

: Cage, that frame has the same ‘feel’ as Testament.

: The same ‘feel’?

: You mean…the Self-Binder?! But that’s Zephyrs’ technology! How would Ares…

: I cannot say for certain. It may be an unrelated similarity.

The influence of the Self-Binder would certainly explain Nadia’s odd behaviour. It would also explain why her motives are so incoherent – we saw the same thing with Ares in the previous route, where he became increasingly unstable when asked about his reasons for following Jimmer. Regardless, BIS retreat back to the Saoshyant as the screen fades out.

Music: Every Day


: BAHRAM?! You mean BAHRAM from Vacilia? I get it now…that would explain a lot. They’ve been developing weapons to oppose Earth for a long time now.

:…Is this what you were about to tell me earlier?

: Yes. All other groups supported by NUT have been dissolved. You are the only ones left.

: BAHRAM, huh? They’re pretty extremist…Hm? Wait a minute, aren’t those the guys who did something to a colony somewhere?

: Ach! You forgot already! It was the release of the anterior colonies of Jupiter! The Deimos Incident six years ago was their fault too. Boss taught us both about that!

: Huh? Sorry, no comprendo, senor.

Veterans of the Zone of the Enders franchise will know that the BAHRAM occupation of the anterior (Actually Antilia, the game makes a typo there) colony near Jupiter was what kick-started the events of the first game in the series. The Deimos Incident is also part of the established canon and is shown in the 2001 OVA Zone of the Enders: 2167 IDOLO. The latter serves as a prequel to the entire series and shows the origins of the Orbital Frame.

: I-I’m only kidding!

: You’re always like that. We were in the middle of a serious discussion, you know…

: That’s right, Razma. And you should really say, “No comprendo, senorita.”


: Okay! Why don’t you two kids come with Semyl now, hmmmm?

: Ow! Stop it! Let go of my ear!

: H-huh? W-where…Miss Semyl?

Semyl drags Razma and Phil out of the bridge.

: How would I know?!

: BAHRAM…I could imagine BAHRAM doing something like this…

: But nobody in BAHRAM has come out and admitted their involvement. What are they trying to hide?

: No, that can’t be! I’m sure…he…

: Cage, I understand that you want to believe in him, even now. But we can’t rule out the possibility. We should be prepared for the worst.

: The…worst…

: Cage, we are almost at our destination. If you are his friend, you can figure out what is going on by talking to him.


: Okay. I’m going now.

Cage and Yukito leave the bridge.


: I was like him once. I didn’t want to suspect any of my friends…I thought that was one of the few things I could count on at one time…

: Warren…?

: Mebius, you seemed to be in a bad mood earlier. Everyone has their bad days. If you ever want to talk about anything, er, I’m…always around.

: Oh? Are you going to cheer me up?

Smooth, Warren.

: Warren, I notice you never take off your sunglasses. Why is that?

: I don’t know. Protection, maybe?

: Protection? For you, or someone else?

:…erase that…

: You would never do that. You just think too much about things.

: I don’t know anymore. I’ve forgotten how the real me used to be…

Warren’s musings here make more sense once you’ve read his character file, which reveals that he used to be a mercenary but gave it all up for a life of wandering after he wound up making a terrible mistake during a mission. The sunglasses are less of a fashion statement and more Warren’s attempt to put a buffer between himself and the outside world.

The scene changes to the hangar, where Cage is having a conversation with Pharsti.

Music: Pulse

: A friend? Well, I would like to know first if you consider me your friend.

: Of course you’re my friend!

: Friend…Is Miss Myona a friend?

: Huh? Myona? Ummm…Myona is…how do I explain this…?

: Well…

:…I don’t know.

: What?

: I don’t know what friends are. I am nothing but a computer. Societal categories for humans have no bearing on me whatsoever.

: Computers do not become angry!

: I’m sorry, Pharsti. You’re right, it doesn’t matter how you label somebody. You are a very important person to me.

: You are wrong. I am not a person. I am a…

: I said, labels aren’t important.

: Heh heh…you understand?

: So, what is Miss Myona? A friend? Or maybe…

: Ah! You’re still talking about that?

: Hee hee…you can’t keep anything from me!

: Hee hee…

: (Ares, I am finally coming to see you. I still believe in you.)

: (I still believe that we are friends…)

The screen fades out and the mission ends.

Our spoils from the Local Server.

We learned a few new things despite this mission being mostly the same as Episode 22. The next mission will also be similar to Episode 23, but there’s a nasty surprise in store for anyone who thinks it’ll be exactly the same apart from the dialogue.